Jericho Rosales says it's rude to ask married couples, "Bakit hindi pa kayo nagkakaanak?"

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Jericho Rosales on baby plans with wife Kim Jones: "Don't force things para walang complication."

After being married for almost four years, Jericho Rosales said that he and wife Kim Jones often get asked when they plan to have a baby.

Jericho, 38, has a 17-year-old son with former girlfriend Kai Palomares. 

But both Jericho and Kim, 30, have been vocal about putting off having their own kids until they're ready to start raising a family. 

Jericho explained, “She has dreams. I have dreams. We both wanna focus on our goals muna.

“Because having a baby just because tradition or culture says kailangan magka-baby na kayo, ang daming ano nun…

“What if you’re not ready? Mahihirapan yung bata. Look at how many kids are there na walang mga magulang, di ba?

“I’m not saying na pababayaan namin… But we’re just very, very careful, and we care about the future.”

Jericho went on to say that they do want to have a baby, but not anytime soon.


“Personally, kami ganun. Ako, pag medyo relax na ako, okay na, game! Siya rin, game. Happiness!

“But don’t force things para walang complication.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed Jericho during a set visit for his indie film Make You Feel, held at Barangay Hulo, Mandaluyong City, Tuesday, March 27.

BETTER TOGETHER. While he’s admittedly no expert when it comes to marriage, Jericho said his relationship with Kim was strengthened by the way they encourage each other to pursue their individual dreams.

He elaborated, “Some people say, ‘Napakamoderno ng relationship niyo.’

“Kasi, hindi lang naman kami ang natatanong ng ganyan, ‘Bakit hindi pa kayo nagkakaanak?’

"It’s very rude. Parang, don't ask questions like that because you don’t know, for other couples, kung anong reason nila.

“But for us, I learned this from a friend, ‘You know, when you get married, yeah, you become one.

“But it doesn’t mean that you lose your dreams, you drop your goals.’ Hindi, e.


“May kanya-kanya pa rin kayong journey, individual journey, and then you support each other.

“If this one is going that way, suportahan mo.

“Kung sabay kayo, e, di great. [But if] one is going down, iangat mo.”

PROUD OF KIM. Then Jericho pointed out how Kim has carved her own niche in the fashion scene, while he continues to take on acting projects that he's passionate about.

“Si Kim, she works really hard.

“Not a lot of people know that Kim is working really hard.

“Pero pag artista ka, konting kibot mo diyan, celebrated.

“Konting tulong mo, ‘Uy, ganyan ka na!’ Konting punta mo dun, wow, news agad.

“So, definitely that has an impact in a relationship.

“So, you go back to the relationship, you become the partner, you become a normal person."

They may have careers on different fields, but Jericho said he values Kim's opinion when it comes to his career issues.


He said, "She is one of my heroes.

"Andiyan lang siya, hindi naghahanap ng credit or anything, but she’s there.

"She’s my partner in life. She has a different view on things."

How do they overcome trials in their married life?

Jericho answered, “Any relationship is not easy. You have your ups and downs.

"The challenging stuff, we work on it ourselves.

"And then the good results of all the challenges that we go through, we share it.

“We’re not perfect. It’s a good thing. We’re just a couple doing our thing.”


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