Julia Barretto slams third-party rumor involving Joshua Garcia

Julia Barretto slams false rumors involving her and Joshua Garcia: "What's all this fan war about? Stop making two people who are okay, fight. Stop it with the drama."

Once and for all, Julia Barretto quashed rumors that her relationship with Joshua Garcia is on the rocks because of a third party.

Without going into details, Julia pointed out that Joshua is already taken.

Reposting a quote from a blogger last night, April 5, Julia tweeted: “Ang kay Julia ay kay Julia.”

THE ALLEGED THIRD-PARTY ISSUE. It has been three weeks since word got out that Joshua sent a direct message to an Instagram user with the handle name @danerhea.

The same female netizen posted via Twitter a screencap of Joshua reacting to her swimsuit photo.

Joshua’s message merely read “art photo” and a thumbs-up emoji.


Fans began to speculate whether or not the issue linking Joshua to a female netizen could have caused a falling out between Joshua and Julia.

This was seemingly fueled by Joshua and Julia's own cryptic statements and posts on their respective social media accounts.

But by March 31, both Joshua and Julia exchanged messages on Twitter, alluding that the netizens have been making baseless assumptions about them.

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Joshua, Julia take a swipe at naysayers

JOSHLIA VS. LOISHUA WORD WAR? Her latest tweet where she short of laid her claim to Joshua should have put an end to the third-party issue.

But a few hours after her tweet last night, April 5, the Kapamilya actress was surprised when some netizens misinterpreted her statement yet again.

The tweet that read "Ang kay Julia ay kay Julia" sparked a word war among Julia and Joshua’s (JoshLia) fans versus the supporters of the actor and his The Good Son leading lady Loisa Andalio (LoiShua).


Below are some comments from Julia's Twitter thread:

"STOP IT WITH THE DRAMA." This debate prompted Julia to tweet again, firmly reminding her followers to stop it with the fan wars.

Julia also pointed out that what matters is that all's well between her and Joshua.

Her latest tweets, posted earlier today, April 6:



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