"Malaya" singer Moira dela Torre is now engaged to Jason Marvin Hernandez

IMAGE Courtesy of Moira dela Torre on Facebook

Moira dela Torre announces her engagement to Jason Marvin Hernandez via her latest music video for the song "Tagpuan."

"Malaya" singer Moira dela Torre is now engaged to singer-songwriter Jason Marvin Hernandez.

The 24-year-old singer made the announcement through the music video for her latest single, "Tagpuan," which was released on Sunday, April 29.

The first three minutes of the eight-minute music video features Moira looking back at her painful memories. 

To her surprise, the next few parts weren't part of the original script presented to her.

Jason proposed to her on the cliff while the sun sets.

He told Moira before popping the question, "I have never been more sure and I've never been more ready my entire life and this moment.

"'Cause I know I have the wingman with me and I know na Siya ang nag-orchestrate nito."

Kapamilya star John Prats directed the music video, while Sam Milby did the editing.

Moira also posted some photos on her Instagram account, Sunday, April 29.

She wrote, "On a cliff at sunset, my best friend asked me the easiest question I have ever had to answer. I love you my Jason"


On his Instagram, Jason said he is happy to find "the one" in his "bestfriend."

He wrote, "All my life I’ve been searching for 'the one', not knowing that she’s been my bestfriend all along. I love you forever my @moirarachelle"

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In a separate post, he added, "Soon, I won’t be walking alone anymore."

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The couple, however, didn't reveal the exact date of their engagement.

SETTLING DOWN. In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last January, Moira admitted that she and her fiancé have already been talking about settling down.

She explained, "Yes, of course. I was never a fan of going with the flow.

"I think it's a waste of emotions when, you know... I think it's very crucial to think about the future when you're investing your life and emotions to someone."

In December 2017, Moira officially introduced Jason to her biological father, who's currently based in the US.


"I spent time with my family [in the US]. My dad lives in the States and my my and my other dad went to the States as well for Christmas.

"So it's nice to have both families in one country and finally get to introduce my boyfriend to my dad's side of the family."


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