Beauty queens defend Winwyn Marquez on "walang weight ang title" issue

IMAGE Noel Orsal / Instagram (@teresitassen)

Teresita Ssen Winwyn Marquez's fellow Miss World-Philippines 2017 winners defend her after a basher belittled her international title. (L-R) Miss World-Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann, Teresita, Miss Eco International 2018 Cynthia Thomalla, and Miss Multinational 2017 Sophia Senoron. 

Ipinagtanggol si Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez ng kanyang kapwa beauty queens matapos maliitin ng isang netizen ang titulo ng itinanghal na Reina Hispanoamericana 2017.

Bukod sa sinabing "walang weight" ito,  puro kalandian lamang daw ang nangyayari sa pageant.

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Teresita Ssen Marquez answers basher who belittled her title
Teresita Ssen Marquez answers basher who belittled her title

Narito ang pahayag ni Miss World-Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann, at dalawa pang international titlists na sina Sophia Senoron, ang reigning Miss Multinational 2017, at Cynthia Thomalla, na kinoronahang Miss Eco International 2018 noong nakaraang linggo.

Nakausap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang tatlong beauty queens sa homecoming press con para kay Cynthia nitong Biyernes, May 4.

Laura Lehmann: “It’s hard because you can never really stop bashing because it’s not under your control, e.

“If that’s what the person wants to do, then that’s what the person wants to do.

“I feel bad, actually, not the person being bashed, but for the basher kasi kung nag-bash siya, ibig sabihin may deep anger siya.

“He’s very negative or in a bad mood. I feel bad for someone like that.

“Baka may something sa buhay niya na he or she is not content.

“So it’s more of I feel bad for them ‘cause they have so much anger.

“Winwyn is strong, so those kinds of things don’t really affect her.”  

Sophia Senoron: “When Ate Winwyn joined that pageant, we all thought her pageant was probably the hardest out of all four of us because you’re against Latinas.

“When the Philippines [candidate] leave the country, yung first enemy niya sa pageantry is a Latina, 'tapos you’re surrounded by them.


“So yung unang isip namin, other powerhouse of a pageant, lahat kalaban mo, parang nakakatakot.

“It may be a small pageant, but the quantity does not reflect the quality.

“When Ate Wyn won that pageant, we were all so amazed.

“We saw her train for it. We saw how hard she wanted it. We saw the stress,  the anxiety, we saw all of it. And we knew badly how she wanted it, and that’s why we supported her.

“But when she won, who would’ve thought that a Filipina amongst all breeds of Latina would win?

“She brought huge pride to the country.”  

Cynthia Thomalla: "People don’t know you. People don’t know your story; what you’ve been through and I think Winwyn’s competition was as hard as everybody’s competition.

“She had like a language barrier. They speak Spanish, they’re all Latinas.

“She was also being bashed on why is Philippines joining Reina Hispanoamericana.

“And I think Winwyn won because she deserves to win.

“She worked hard for it.

“And I don’t think her crown is lesser than anybody else’s crown.

“So I want to encourage everyone to spread love and support each queen.

“And if they don’t want to support another queen, then just keep silent.”  





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