Ellen Adarna calls out netizen for allegedly taking videos of her and John Lloyd Cruz: "Hindi kami tanga."

IMAGE Courtesy: @maria.elena.adarna on Instagram

In her Instagram Story last Friday night, May 4, Ellen Adarna called out a netizen who she accused of secretly videoing Ellen and her boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz while they were eating at a ramen restaurant in Makati City. The netizen denied Ellen's allegations.


Viral sa Twitter ngayong Sabado, May 5, ang sexy actress on leave na si Ellen Adarna.

Nag-ugat ito sa pagpatol niya sa isang netizen na nakasabay nilang kumain ng boyfriend niyang si John Lloyd Cruz sa isang ramen restaurant sa Makati City kahapon, May 4.

Duda ng mag-partner, palihim silang kinukunan ng video at pictures ng netizen kasama ang isang kaibigan na nakasabay nilang kumain sa restaurant.

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John Lloyd Cruz, Ellen Adarna get back at paparazzi
John Lloyd Cruz, Ellen Adarna get back at paparazzi

Kaya naman hindi nagpaawat si Ellen sa pagpatol sa nasabing netizen.

Kagabi din, sunud-sunod ang pag-post ni Ellen ng videos sa kanyang IG Story kung saan ibinahagi niya ang kanyang “patol” statement sa netizen na kilala lamang sa handle name na @eleiluh sa Twitter.

Sabi ng dating Home Sweetie Home actress, “Girl, your reaction in the video that I took explains it all.

"Like you look so guilty you didn’t even know what to do if you should pick up your chopsticks.


"You looked so conscious, because you panicked, because you know I was doing what you were doing.

“Girl, you can deny all you want but before your food arrived, you knew what you guys were doing.

"So yeah, whatever... feeling na kung feeling, but hindi kami tanga.”

Ayon sa netizen, gusto lang daw niya gawan ng IG Story ang kanilang ramen bago sila kumain kaya kinukunan niya ito ng video at picture.

Ngunit, hindi kumbinsido dito ang actress.

Sabi pa niya, “How rude was this girl?

"And that was before their food arrived.

"Uhm, and in my head, parang I wanted to go to her to ask her to delete the video, but… so instead of getting bad trip and all, I just decided to reciprocate and do what she did. So fair lang.

“And I saw her post that she... I saw a video that she took that she was casually eating ramen, but like she took a video.

“Girl, if you take a video of your food, you focus on the food—you don’t focus or you show the people in the background.

“And when she realized that I was doing what she did, she kinda panicked, but she can see in my video…

“She didn’t even know what to do. She wanted to get her chopsticks, but she wanted to do something with her phone.”


Diin pa ni Ellen, “So, you can justify what you want to justify and I can do what I want also because I am patol like that.

“Girl, you can stop acting like a victim and know that there's always two sides of a story, and people will always choose a side.

“So, deal with your bashers. Coz me, I can handle them pretty well. And you know, good luck to you.”

Mensahe naman niya sa kanyang mga followers, “So, anyway guys, I'm gonna say good night, and I'm gonna let this go, and I hope you enjoyed the show.”

"I'm just here for your entertainment."

“I WAS SURPRISED.” Sa Twitter, sinagot naman ng netizen ang ilang punto ni Ellen sa kanyang IG Story.

Panimula niya, “To reply lang naman to her story we really had no clue she was there. That’s why I took a vid of not only my food cause I was showing the restaurant as well.


“I did not panic at all cause why would I? I didn't even see her take a video of us so...”

Hindi raw talaga siya nag-panic nung naramdaman niyang kinukunan din sila ng video ni Ellen.

Dagdag pa niya, “Another, that was the only video that I took when we were eating.

“It isn’t that I did not know what to do but I only fixed the SPOON that was placed in my bowl because it was going to fall off and then I posted my story :)”

Tanong pa niya, “I didn't know that you aren’t allowed to include the interior of where you are eating while you also take a video of your food.

“I think I'm not the only one who takes a video of the interior of a restaurant.

“Lastly, I don’t know who Ellen Adarna is and whatever running issue is going on with her life.”

Dagdag na nito, nagulat daw sila nang makita na lamang nila ang kanilang video sa Instagram ni Ellen.

Saad pa niya, “I don't follow her in any social media account so I was really surprised when we were on her story.

“Di lang din naman siya yung tao sa story ko andun din si kuya ramen chef na nagluluto kasali rin. And how was that a body language response?

“Clearly you can see in the video that I really didn't notice she was taking a video of me?

“I wasn't looking in her direction at all! I think it's just best if the mistake is to be admitted.


“What happened earlier could’ve been resolved properly if she went up to us and asked.”

Willing naman daw siyang humingi ng dispensa kung sa tingin niya ay may mali siyang nagawa.

Aniya, “If we were taking a video. As an artist I think you should be professional upon solving such things.

“It's clearly not right for her to simply assume without knowing our side as well. What she did is not only unethical but illegal as well.

“If I knew I was at a fault I would admit it pero yun nga I really had no clue na nasama pa pala siya sa story ko if my story was inappropriate for her she could’ve confronted me in the restaurant.”

Wala pang sagot si Ellen sa reply ng netizen sa kanyang mga akusasyon.





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