JM de Guzman teases Barbie Imperial about her relationship status; asks, "Single ka naman ngayon, di ba?"

IMAGE Rachelle Siazon

JM de Guzman on possible romance with Araw Gabi leading lady Barbie Imperial: "Minsan mapapaisip ka rin, 'What if nga?' Puwede ba? Single ka naman ngayon, di ba?"

JM de Guzman, 29, admitted that he instantly developed good rapport with leading lady Barbie Imperial, 19, even though it’s the first time they’ve worked together in the ABS-CBN afternoon series Araw Gabi.

He said that they’ve got such good onscreen chemistry that viewers have begun to root for them to become a couple in real life.

Referring to the first time he met Barbie at a screen test for the show, JM recalled, “Kinilig ako… Effortless ang chemistry.”

Now that they’ve gotten to know each other, JM described Barbie as “charming, magaan kasama, and malambing minsan.”

JM also noted how she brings out child-like qualities in him.

"Ang sakit sa ulo. Para akong bumalik sa grade school. Hindi pa ako naging ganito kakulit sa loob ng maraming taon.”

Both JM and Barbie sat down for a Live Interview at's (Philippine Entertainment Portal) office in Mandaluyong City, yesterday, May 10.

Asked if it’s possible for him to develop romantic feelings for Barbie, JM replied, “Basta kasi masarap, e. Masaya kasi siya ngayon. Masaya katrabaho, masaya maka-bond.

“So, ang sarap na i-maintain nang ganun. Minsan mapapaisip ka rin, ‘What if nga?’”

Then JM turned to Barbie, who was sitting beside him on the couch, and asked her, “Puwede ba? Single ka naman ngayon, di ba?”

Caught off guard by JM’s question, Barbie paused for a few seconds before she laughingly exclaimed, “Minsan talaga ang sarap sapakin ng mga pinapangunahan kang mag-announce, e, ‘no?”

After a while, Barbie was still at a loss to how she would address the question about her relationship status.  


She said, “Wait lang, hindi ko alam kung anong ire-react ko.

"Lagi niya ako pinapangunahan sa mga interview. Mamaya ka sa akin!"

JM, however, kept teasing Barbie, “I’ll cry with you. I’ll comfort you. Gusto mo rebound?”

Then the two of them dissolved into laughter.

Before the Live Interview ended, JM promoted their show Araw Gabi using the hashtag #singlenaposibarbie.”

Threatening to expose JM’s share of secrets, Barbie retorted, “Gusto mo magbukingan tayo dito?”

JM replied, laughing, “Hindi na. Huwag. Cut niyo na ‘yan.”





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