Angelica Panganiban, Carlo Aquino figure in a minor road mishap

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Angelica Panganiban laughs off how her "joy ride" with Carlo Aquino turned into a minor car accident while they were driving somewhere in Quezon City earlier today, June 26.

Angelica Panganiban took to Instagram to show how she and Carlo Aquino got into a minor car accident this Tuesday afternoon, June 26.

It appears that Carlo is driving the car and Angelica is sitting on the passenger seat when they bump into another vehicle somewhere in Quezon City.

But the accident seems minor as Angelica decides to take a video of Carlo looking preoccupied and in talks with the other car owner.

Laughing, Angelica is heard saying, "Meron po siyang problema..."

When Carlo returns inside the car, Angelica asks him, "Anong ginawa mo?"

Carlo reaches for his wallet and tells Angelica, "Magbabayad lang ako sandali..."

In her Instagram caption, Angelica further hints at how they got into a road mishap:

“Ang usapan, joyride... Bakit tayo nabangga? [laughing with tears emoji] 'etong mga batang 90’s na ‘to! Pariwara!' [peace emoji] #DeserveMoAngFeedPost #TanghalingTapatKasi @jose_liwanag"

REEL OR FOR REAL? Angelica and Carlo are currently shooting their reunion movie Exes Baggage directed by Dan Villegas.


Off cam, their kilig photos and videos on Instagram have been keeping netizens guessing about the possibility of Angelica and Carlo getting back together in real life as well.

They had been in a relationship for six years until they broke up sometime in 2006.

However, they managed to remain good friends and have been hanging out more often in the past few months.

Last March, they even joked about who between the two of them will develop romantic feelings first.

Most recently, Carlo also took to Instagram to say that he's glad that Angelica is "part of my heart."

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