(UPDATED) John Lloyd Cruz-Ellen Adarna love story: A timeline

by Rachelle Siazon
Jul 4, 2018
Now that they are reportedly parents to a baby boy, John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna are as real it gets as the stages of their controversial romance became known to the public. Here, PEP.ph traces the initial denials, controversies, and exciting adventures of ABS-CBN's premiere movie-and-TV actor and the sexy star hailing from Cebu.

It has been reported that Ellen Adarna has given birth to her first child with boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz at Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu on June 27, 2018.

The fact that the couple is keeping mum about Ellen's alleged delivery date is not a big surprise since they have never volunteered any information about her pregnancy for that matter.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) broke the news that Ellen is pregnant and John Lloyd is the father on November 18, 2017.

While the couple kept Ellen’s pregnancy under wraps, her condition soon became evident when photos of her growing baby bump made headlines on several occasions.

The way John Lloyd stood by her side and went places with her in and out of the country had kept netizens curious about the status of their relationship.

Despite John Lloyd eluding marriage for his past seven relationships and Ellen being known for her free spirit, their entry to parenthood may have sealed the deal that theirs is turning out to be something for keeps.


How did ABS-CBN’s premiere TV-and-movie-actor and the sexy star from Cebu gravitate towards each other?

Here, PEP.ph traces their unexpected and controversial combination:

ELLEN'S HIGH SCHOOL DAYS. John Lloyd and Ellen crossed paths as early as when she was still in high school.

According to Ellen, she first met John Lloyd and his fellow Kapamilya star Luis Manzano when they visited her hometown in Cebu.

Ellen was just a fan at the time.

John Lloyd was already a matinee idol appearing in ABS-CBN primetime series Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay and It Might Be You, to name a few.

John Lloyd agreed that he was probably in Cebu for a mall show.

“Dun kami unang nagkakilala. We go from way, way back,” he said during the January 31, 2017 presscon of Home Sweetie Home.


OCTOBER 8, 2016. It was on October 8, 2016 when Ellen first posted a photo with John Lloyd on her Instagram account.

Ellen’s caption read: "’Ako nalang’ Ahhahahahahah ‘you had me at my...’ #JLC #popoy&bashta lol”

The sexy star was channeling Bea Alonzo’s popular line in the 2007 movie opposite John Lloyd Cruz, One More Chance.

Insiders claimed that Ellen was seen getting chummy with John Lloyd when they saw each other at the Star Magic Ball.

But at this point, the 29-year-old sexy star is still romantically involved with President Rodrigo Duterte's son, Sebastian "Baste" Duterte.


NOVEMBER 2016. Ellen started appearing as a guest star in Home Sweetie Home where she is cast as Tanya, who takes on the promise of John Lloyd's character Romeo to help her find work.

She would later become a mainstay as her character sets her eyes on stealing Romeo from his wife Julie, played by Toni Gonzaga.


JANUARY 31, 2017. Ellen joined the third anniversary presscon of Home Sweetie Home, which was held at 9501 Restaurant in ABS-CBN's ELJ Building in Quezon City.

It was during the presscon proper when Ellen denied speculations that she and John Lloyd are an item.

The Kapamilya sexy star made it clear that the 34-year-old actor never made a move on her.

But it should be noted that on February 6, six days after they quashed romance rumors between them, PEP.ph received a feed that John Lloyd and Ellen were spotted at the lobby of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City.

The PEP Alert read: "Ayon sa source, tila nakapambahay lang daw si John Lloyd, habang naka-shorts naman pero naka-heels si Ellen."

It was just the beginning of more sightings of the two outside work.


MARCH 2. John Lloyd and Ellen’s Ilocos Norte getaway fanned speculations that romance seems to be brewing between them.

They were part of a close group of celebrities and non-showbiz friends sighted swimming, and touring the sand dunes in Paoay.

It was also during this trip when Ellen witnessed her close friend Beauty Gonzalez’s engagement to painter-boyfriend Norman Crisologo.

By this time, it’s been a year and three months since John Lloyd’s breakup with actress Angelica Panganiban.

Ellen, for her part, has been single since Baste broke up with her through a text message back in December 2016.


MARCH 22. John Lloyd and Ellen are also bonded by their duty as godparents to Beauty’s daughter Olivia.

Based on photos posted by Nice Print Photography, the Home Sweetie Home co-stars were among celebrities that attended the christening of Baby Olivia.

Much later, around seven months after that baptism, it was Beauty’s turn to attest to the “love” between her “close friends” John Lloyd and Ellen.


SEPTEMBER 1. For the past six months, there had been no glaring clues as to the real score between John Lloyd and Ellen.

But on September 1, they were spotted anew waiting for Manila Bay's famous sunset view at the seaside area of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

They were accompanied by a non-showbiz friend.


SEPTEMBER 2. The following day, John Lloyd was seen at Ellen’s apartment together with the sexy actress’ non-showbiz friend Doreen Ting.

The Kapamilya matinee idol seemed at home, playfully horseback-riding Doreen's brand new luggage.

Their tagged location was at North Syquia in Malate, Manila, which is the known residence of Ellen.


SEPTEMBER 8. But it was John Lloyd and Ellen’s getaway in Bantayan Island, Santa Fe, Cebu that instantly went viral.

On her Instagram account, Doreen Ting first posted a photo of John Lloyd and Ellen lying side by side on the beach and browsing through some stuff on her mobile phone.


Ellen’s own Instagram posts also showed her and John Lloyd cozying up to each other and soaking up some beach vibes, with the Kapamilya actor looking so carefree and in high spirits.

Another clue that romance was in the air was the picture of them holding hands while walking by the beach at sunset time.


They even have a term of endearment for each other based on an Instagram video where John Lloyd was heard calling Ellen “baby.”

In the screenshots below, John Lloyd was busy chopping while Ellen was preparing to cook her "specialty paksiw."

The two were "arguing" over trivial stuff, but John Lloyd seemed to be pacifying Ellen as he gently told her, "I'm just saying, baby..."


In what seemed to be an unguarded moment, the actor serenaded Ellen with the romantic song “Kailan,” channeling his character Miggy Montenegro who sang the same song to Laida Magtalas, played by Sarah Geronimo, in the 2009 movie A Very Special Love.

Sweet, isn’t it?


However, their rare show of romance was eclipsed by their viral videos showing ABS-CBN's premier TV-and-movie actor and celebrity endorser singing and dancing, and doing things seemingly without a care in the world, including hiding beneath a kitchen stove while Ellen was busy pouring drinks.

Some netizens questioned the behavior of the actor—who, for many years, has cultivated a private, serious, and brooding image—saying he was acting oddly at worst and differently at best.

But according to PEP.ph's September 11 report, a source close to the rumored couple insisted that their group was just having some "clean fun" on Bantayan Island.

The source added, “He’s very happy lang to do normal things na nagagawa ng isang ordinaryong tao.

“Namalengke siya at nakakapaglakad siya na di pinagkakaguluhan ng mga tao.”


SEPTEMBER 11. With netizens speculating about his behavior, the matinee idol issued what appeared to be a sorry-not-sorry statement, via his own Instagram, saying, “diz iz mi lerning. very humbling but i do apologize to the little boys & girls. no regrets babies just life revealing its raw beauty.”

That same day, Johnny Manahan, chairman emeritus of Star Magic, talent-management arm of ABS-CBN, issued a short statement in defense of John Lloyd.

Manahan, better known in the entertainment industry as Mr. M, said the star was just getting some very deserved time out of work.

Mr. M added, “In this age of an all pervasive social media, what is ok and innocent in private becomes worthlessly controversial in public.

“He will have learned his lesson and be more careful in the future.”


SEPTEMBER 16. A week after the controversy, John Lloyd and Ellen went to another vacation in Cebu.

From the looks of it, they only had eyes for each other while enjoying a relaxing chat during a boat ride with friends.

The two also made use of their time off work to do some artworks and catch up with friends.


Lots of cuddling time too!

The two love birds are bringing up some Titanic vibes in this photo of them sitting on the boat’s edge with John Lloyd hugging Ellen from the back.


SEPTEMBER 18. With Ellen by his side, John Lloyd seems to be at peace.

Amid persistent speculations about their relationship status, he posted on Instagram a picture showing his and Ellen’s feet nearly touching the sea water during a boat ride.

John Lloyd wrote in his caption: “this is the real life talk. not some manipulated bullshit. learning & living.”


SEPTEMBER 19. Again, that telling term of endearment!

This time, it was Ellen who called John Lloyd her “baby love” during the rumored couple's series of chess games with their common friend Erwin Romulo.

She even joked that Erwin may have defeated John Lloyd, but she went to the rescue by beating the enemy thrice.

She added, "sabi nga nila, ‘just like in the game of chess, the queen always protects the king’ lol #sabeh”


SEPTEMBER 21. John Lloyd and Ellen continued to keep their still-unconfirmed relationship under wraps.

But it was quite evident how the Kapamilya actor makes time not just for Ellen but even her friends.

In this photo below, Ellen's friend Doreen thanked the rumored couple for seeing her off to the airport.

Doreen's caption read: "Un-breakable bond! Thizzzz izzz it! No goodbyes but just see you again. IN 3 WEEKS!???? LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2 @maria.elena.adarna @ekomsi"


SEPTEMBER 22. There was no denying that John Lloyd is radiating with happiness around Ellen.

In this photo, John Lloyd was flashing a huge smile while he was facing Ellen and sporting his newly-razored hair.

Ellen's Instagram caption read: "@ekomsi ang fresh ni kuya parang highschool lang hahaaha #chessNights"


In a separate photo, John Lloyd was seen leaning his head on Ellen's left shoulder.

Is this a sign that they're in love?

Leyte Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez thought so.

That same night, Lucy and Ellen had an exchange via Instagram direct messaging, with the congresswoman taking note of Ellen's sweet photos with John Lloyd.

Lucy told Ellen, "Romansa is alive and live!"

Ellen responded, “Hapit na!! Haahhaahahahahaa! (Malapit na!! Haahhaahahahahaa!)”

Based on the screenshot of their conversation, Lucy seemed to be urging Ellen to light a candle and pray for a happy romance with the Kapamilya star.

In response, Ellen wrote, “Thanks my mother mary version ahahahhahahahah”

Looks like Lucy's wish for her fellow Visayan came true!


SEPTEMBER 24. John Lloyd looks smitten with Ellen.

After weeks of speculations, the Kapamilya actor himself took to Instagram to express his feelings for Ellen.

John Lloyd's caption read: "Sobrang baduy neto pero this girl really did something good to my soul. i'll always be grateful."

It was accompanied by a photo of the rumored couple lying comfortably on a plump white bed.

John Lloyd was seen beaming with happiness with their faces so close to each other and Ellen giving him a sweet kiss.

In John Lloyd's previous posts, he hinted at how Ellen is so at ease around him that she usually leaves her hair extensions cluttered around the bedroom—either on the pillowcase or on the floor—and it never fails to shock him.

As he puts it, "f sh*t"

Talk about accepting each other, flaws and all.


SEPTEMBER 28. But on September 28, four days after posting their kissing photo, John Lloyd deleted all of his Intagram posts where he and Ellen can be seen together.

Ellen also deleted all her lovey-dovey photos with John Lloyd, including the ones taken from their trip to Bantayan Island.

Netizens were asking: Did they break up? Were they told by higher-ups to keep their much-speculated romance off social media? Or were they just being plain unpredictable?

There was no saying what the real reason was.

The only clue was Ellen's cryptic quote card about shunning manipulative people, as seen below:


OCTOBER 1. But if there was talk that John Lloyd and Ellen have broken up, it died down when John Lloyd posted a photo of himself and Ellen holding hands while strolling around an undisclosed neighborhood.

It was the morning after the annual Star Magic Ball where John Lloyd flew solo, skipped the red carpet, and evaded media interviews.

For some reason, the Kapamilya actress was a no-show for still unknown reasons.


But between John Lloyd and Ellen's own Instagram posts, they seem content spending time away from the glitter and glamour of showbiz.

Later that night, John Lloyd alluded to his supposed breakup with Ellen by posted this caption, "fuck fake news."

It was accompanied by a picture of him and Ellen sharing laughs over a festive meal.


OCTOBER 3. At around 9:30 in the morning of October 3, Ellen posted on Instagram stories a video of her and John Lloyd lying in bed, looking like they have just woken up.

Without any makeup on, Ellen said greeted her followers saying, "I’m so hangover. I don’t know what to do with my life.”

John Lloyd, for his part, was quietly browsing through his mobile phone.


OCTOBER 6. Weeks after his controversial Bantayan Island getaway, John Lloyd Cruz made it known that he was taking a vacation.

In an official statement, his talent management, Star Magic, announced that the actor was taking an "indefinite leave of absence" from his work engagements.

OCTOBER 8. Then, after two days, John Lloyd and Ellen were seen vacationing in Casablanca, Morocco.


It was Ellen who posted a video via Instagram story showing a couple of guys playing soccer by the beach.

Then she also posted a series of photos with John Lloyd looking engrossed while taking photos by the beach.

Through her Instagram stories, Ellen also gave updates about how she and John Lloyd cooked adobo and rice back at their hotel room.


OCTOBER 12-13. After a few days, the rumored couple traveled to Paris in time to witness the wedding of Rex Atienza and Jay Sarmiento.

Rex is a longtime friend and stylist of John Lloyd.

The Kapamilya actor, in turn, brought Ellen to the welcome party for the wedding guests held at Lido de Paris, a French cabaret at Avenues des Champs-Élysées, known for its luxury boutiques, cafés, and theatres.

It was during the wedding reception on October 13 when John Lloyd was spotted giving Ellen a kiss and a hug while she was reading the menu on their table.


Still in high spirits after the wedding, both John Lloyd and Ellen posted these sweet photos on their respective Instagram accounts.

Back in Manila, former veteran newscaster Jay Sonza circulated on Facebook that his niece "Elena," who is vacationing in Morocco, is pregnant.

Netizens began to guess if he was referring to Ellen Adarna, who was known to be vacationing in Morocco with John Lloyd.

But in a Facebook message sent to PEP.ph, dated October 12, Ellen dismissed the pregnancy rumor and clarified that she is "not related" to Jay.

Could she be pregnant by this time and just wasn't aware of it yet?


OCTOBER 17. Continuing their European vacation, John Lloyd and Ellen finally arrived in Switzerland.

It was the destination that she was so excited about in her Instagram post dated October 6, the same day John Lloyd announced that he's taking an indefinite leave.

On October 17, she marked her arrival in Switzerland with a close-up shot of her overjoyed reaction just as John Lloyd was hugging her tight.

Her caption, "Squishy Mashhhh and eating Mashhhhh #mood switzerland"


OCTOBER 21. The rumored couple crossed another item off their bucket list: skiing on the Swiss Alps.

They headed to Glacier Paradise, a popular destination in Zermatt, Switzerland, not just for skiing enthusiasts but also for tourists looking for a panoramic view of the snow-covered alps.

The last time Ellen was there was "four years ago," but she still took on the challenge of playing John Lloyd's "ski instructor."

In one of her Instagram posts, Ellen proudly showed how well her "baby love" John Lloyd performed in his very first skiing lesson.


After spending hours in the freezing cold, Ellen and John Lloyd bundled up and took a selfie together.

Her caption: "Today's [skiing emojis] sesh @ekomsi my [baby love emoji] is a fast learner i took him to the intermediate slope without him knowing... #justdoit we both had our ups and downs [emojis]."

The two spent several days in Switzerland before returning back to Manila.


NOVEMBER 13. It was not clear exactly when they returned to Manila.

But on November 13, photos of John Lloyd and Ellen visiting the wake of Lupe Romulo—the daughter of former senator and Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo—made rounds online.

Lupe was also the sister of Erwin Romulo, who is a close friend of John Lloyd.

It was the same night John Lloyd met President Rodrigo Duterte, with netizens taking note that he is the father of Ellen's ex-boyfriend Baste.


NOVEMBER 18. In a report dated November 18, PEP.ph confirmed that Ellen is pregnant with John Lloyd's child.

The report stated that on at least two occasions, Ellen was heard confirming to close friends that she is on the family way.

It was said to be the reason why the rumored couple had to cut their European vacation short.

Ellen also reportedly opted not to join the Bench Under the Stars denim and underwear fashion show, where she was supposedly expected to walk the ramp, because of her condition.

John Lloyd, for his part, has been in the U.S. since November 15.

He reportedly went there to attend a cousin's wedding as well as to visit his two older siblings, Allan and Gil.

A day before John Lloyd left for the U.S., Ellen posted on Instagram a throwback photo of her and the actor taken during their Paris trip, as seen below:


DECEMBER 3. A photo of John Lloyd and Ellen exchanging an intimate kiss on the lips made rounds online.

It was originally posted on Ellen’s Facebook account that is supposedly on private setting.

Netizens speculated that it was a throwback photo taken during the couple’s controversial getaway in Bantayan Island, Cebu back in September.


DECEMBER 5. Weeks after PEP.ph reported that Ellen is pregnant, word got out that Ellen and John Lloyd are engaged.

This is in connection with Ellen’s Instagram story where she is seen wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring.

While it seems to be a random video of Ellen playing with her dog, the diamond ring couldn't be missed with its sheer size and sparkle alone.


Few days after the video made rounds online, veteran showbiz reporter and talent manager Lolit Solis posted on Instagram a screen shot of the supposed engagement ring.

Lolit then claimed that John Lloyd allegedly purchased a princess-cut diamond ring worth "P3M" for Ellen.

As early as October, PEP.ph also received a feed that John Lloyd has been eyeing an engagement ring worth millions of pesos for Ellen.

But the couple kept mum despite speculations that John Lloyd popped the question and gave Ellen an engagement ring.


JANUARY 3. Ellen finally confirmed that she and John Lloyd are in a relationship.

She made the announcement on the same day she posted a photo of John Lloyd seated amongst her immediate family members in the Adarnas’ home in Cebu.

In the comments’ thread of her Instagram post, Ellen responded to her non-showbiz friend who took note of the actress’s happy love life.

Ellen wrote in Bisaya, “Di ba??? Hahaha kinsay nag too na ma kami diay lol. (Di ba? Hahaha sinong mag-aakala na magiging kami lol.)”

In a separate Instagram post, John Lloyd himself showed an old photograph of Ellen, taken from what appears to be a collection of portraits at her parents' residence.

The Kapamilya actor seemed right at home with her family, based on the numerous times he has hung out with them.


JANUARY 17. Ellen proudly showed via Instagram stories that her boyfriend John Lloyd prepared a cozy “dinner date” at home.

It was not clear if they were at John Lloyd or Ellen’s residence, but the couple feasted over grilled fish, bacon, and vegetables at a lanai which has a tent decorated by Christmas lights.

They were also joined by three of their household staff, with Ellen’s yaya making dinner conversation about marriage and parenthood.

Ellen's yaya was saying, "Ang asawa, puwedeng palitan. Pero ang anak, hindi mo talaga ipagpapalit kahit kaninong lalaki, kasi anak mo 'yan, e. Lalo na yung nanay mo."

The sexy star interjected, "Ang asawa?"

Her yaya reiterated, "Ang asawa puwedeng palitan. Pero ang nanay at anak, hindi mo ipagpapalit kahit kanino."


FEBRUARY 1. John Lloyd and Ellen have their Instagram followers guessing about them yet again when they did an ocular of a still-vacant property in an unidentified location.

Speculation is rife that this could be their future home as a couple.

It started with the couple’s identical Instagram posts of a property in a wooded area overlooking mountains and trees.

John Lloyd’s caption was short but telling: “mine. yours.”

Ellen was a little more to the point, writing “Our Future view," followed by house emojis.

The couple was accompanied by John Lloyd’s close relatives on this ocular visit.


FEBRUARY 15-26. John Lloyd and Ellen were rumored to have secretly tied the knot in a church wedding in Quezon City on February 15, or the eve of Chinese New Year.

This was according to an item from PEPalerts dated February 16.

There was also talk that they could have gotten married in a civil wedding ceremony officiated by Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

But in a follow-up report on PEP.ph, dated February 20, Mayor Herbert denied that he officiated the supposed wedding of John Lloyd and Ellen.

This was the mayor’s text message sent to PEP.ph: “Hindi po. Pero kung gusto nina Lloydie and Ellen na ako ang magkakasal sa kanila, okay sa akin. Hehehe!"

Amid wedding rumors, Ellen flew to Japan with John Lloyd for vacation.

The couple were first sighted in Mactan, Cebu airport prior to their departure for Japan.


It was on February 22 when Ellen posted on Facebook a photo of her and John Lloyd at Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan.

Joining them on the trip were Ellen’s brothers Rico and Danton Adarna.

In a separate Instagram post, Danton’s wife Kim Araneta also showed a “family” picture with the celebrity couple, hinting that the actor is a welcome addition to the Adarna clan.


MARCH 25. It was during Ellen’s advance birthday party in Cebu when netizens noticed her wearing an oversized top in an attempt to conceal her baby bump.

Based on photos and videos from her birthday bash, Ellen seemed to have gained weight especially with her choice of loose outfits.

A netizen—who uploaded screenshots of Ellen’s arrival at her party—asked, “Sige kayo ang humatol. Buntis or not sa advance birthday sorpresa ni Ellen na ang punong abala sa kaganapan ay si Lloydie?


APRIL 7. On April 7, John Lloyd made headlines when he posted on Instagram a picture of a crib situated near a stairway.

He simply captioned it with “guada.”

It prompted speculations among netizens that John Lloyd might have been alluding to the gender of his and Ellen’s unborn baby.

According to babynamespedia.com, “guada” is a derivative of the English and Spanish name “Guadalupe” usually given to baby girls.

By this time, however, John Lloyd and Ellen are still tight-lipped about PEP.ph’s November 19 report that they are expecting their first baby together.


MAY 4. Ellen and John Lloyd stepped out for a ramen fix at a Makati restaurant when the sexy actress accused a fellow customer of taking their photos without permission.

Ellen got back at the alleged paparaza by posting a video of the unidentified girl via Instagram story with a caption that read: "Oo yan ha... you know the feeling...uncomfy noh? When you PAP us, We PAP you too! #nasa resto eh [ramen emoji]its a tie"

The teen netizen strongly denied Ellen's allegation, insisting that she was only taking photos of her food and that she didn't even recognize the celebrity couple at the restaurant.

In a series of tweets, the teen netizen wrote that it was "wrong" of Ellen to "assume things" since the latter could have easily settled the matter right there and then.

But Ellen insisted she caught the teen netizen taking a video of her and John Lloyd.


MAY 7 TO MAY 15. The issue escalated when the teen netizen's mom Myra Santos demanded a public apology from Ellen but got none.

By May 15, the teen's parents Myra and Roel Santos filed cybercrime and child abuse complaints versus Ellen before the Pasig City Prosecutor's Office.


But both Ellen and John Lloyd kept mum about the controversy, with the Kapamilya actor dodging a showbiz interview when he was spotted at an art exhibit.

MAY 17. Amid the "paparazzi" controversy, a photo of Ellen flaunting her very noticeable baby bump surfaced online.


PEP.ph received the photo from a source who confirmed that it was taken during Ellen and John Lloyd's vacation at the luxurious Amanpulo resort in Palawan.

While the couple also documented their trip via Instagram, Ellen refrained from posting photos that will show her being pregnant.

She also kept mum even when other photos of her baby bump went viral online.


JUNE 3. Ellen's father Alan Modesto Adarna died due to cardiac arrest.

Photos of Ellen and John Lloyd attending her father's wake in Cebu made rounds online.

The passing of Ellen's father was said to be the reason why she failed to appear the next day, June 4, at the first hearing for the Anti-Cybercrime and Anti-Child Abuse complaints filed against her before the Pasig Prosecutor's Office.


Only the complainants, the teen netizen's parents Myra and Roel Santos, came to the hearing and had it reset on June 11.

JUNE 11. It was John Lloyd who appeared instead of Ellen at the second hearing at the Pasig Prosecutor's Office.

He was accompanied by Ellen's legal counsels Atty. Rene "Rebo" Saguisag Jr., Atty. Reggie Ukol, and Atty. Des Ukol.

According to ABS-CBN News reporter MJ Felipe, Ellen's camp requested for another reset of the hearing since she couldn't make it that day.


JUNE 25. Ellen was a no-show again for the third hearing at the Pasig Prosecutor Prosecutor's Office.

In an interview with PEP.ph, Ellen's legal counsel Atty. Saguisag said that she couldn't make it due her delicate pregnancy.

Citing a medical certificate submitted before the Pasig Prosecutor's Office, Atty. Saguisag explained that Ellen was advised against "any form of travel."

He added, "Parang may binanggit dun na under normal fetal weight. Magaan yung bata masyado.

“Again, hindi pinapabiyahe ang aming kliyente.

“And as you know, she's still in mourning after the death of the father.”

On the other hand, complainant Myra Santos was "very disappointed" at Ellen for delaying the hearing and requesting for another reset on July 9.


JUNE 27. On June 27, social media was abuzz with reports that Ellen gave birth to a baby boy at Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu.

There was also talk that the hospital is under tight security, with Ellen accepting a select group of visitors who are close to her.

Both Ellen and John Lloyd have yet to issue an official statement about the sexy actress's delivery date.

However, John Lloyd slammed as "fake news" the report of preen.inquirer.net about his and Ellen's child getting their son baptized at the hospital.

The report in question cited details mentioned in an earlier report from PEP.ph.


When has Ellen given birth? Will the couple share a first look of their newborn baby? Are Ellen and John Lloyd getting married now that they have a family together?

Let's wait and see.

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