Aga Muhlach still gushy over wife Charlene Gonzalez after 18 years: "I have no me-time. It's always us."

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Aga Muhlach on being a changed man because of wife Charlene Gonzalez: "I married for the right reasons, I can say that. I really wanted to settle down."

After being married for almost two decades, Aga Muhlach said he and wife Charlene Gonzalez are still very much in love.

Speaking to (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Aga explained that he enjoys their togetherness even in their simple day-to-day activities. 

“Oh, yeah, even up to now, as we are talking now, after you work, you are just dying to go home and see your wife again.

“It has always been like that for 18 years.

“Hangggang kaninang umaga, nagkukwentuhan kami.  ‘Good morning. Good morning.’

“And then we’re up. We have this coffee room in our house. We just talk every day for the past 18 years.”

While they do have their individual endeavors, Aga said he and Charlene are quite inseparable.

“Hindi naman kami nagpapakilig, e. Parang, we’re not seen together on cam,” said Aga in reference to their effortless companionship. 

He continued, “When I work, I have leading ladies. She just attends my premiere night.

“It just so happens when I go out—not work ano—on a normal basis, I just go out with my wife, I gym with my wife, I eat with my wife, I travel with my wife.

“I have no me-time. No, no, no, no! It's always us.”

Beaming, Aga added, “My only me time, pag nagluluto ako in the morning. Pero breakfast lang yun. Sandali lang yun. And then it's like once a month.”

The so-called “sawaan factor” between longtime married couples just don’t apply to them, he said. 

Aga reiterated, smiling, “Well, we’ve been together for 18 years. And now, I’m just dying to go home, yeah.”

PEP had an exclusive interview with Aga during the shoot for PEP Live at Summit Media studio in Mandaluyong City last Wednesday afternoon, October 3.


Aga acknowledged that he was quite the ladies’ man during his bachelor days, up until it dawned on him that he was ready to settle down with Charlene.


He recalled, “I married for the right reasons, I can say that.

“I didn’t get married because people say, ‘O, dapat at a certain age may asawa ka na.’

“I just got tired of my single life. Parang I was just hopping to one to another.

"It was so wrong already. I really wanted to settle down.”

To this day, Aga has been marveling how he came to realize she was the one for him.

“Mahabang storya yan. Man, she wasn’t my girlfriend.

“We were given the chance to talk for 30 minutes. We were just talking and talking. Sabi ko, ‘My God, ito ba yung asawa ko?’

“The following month, we were just taping and taping. And then I announced already to my family. Even before I asked her, I told my family, ‘I think I’m getting married.’ 

Aga continued, “The following week, nung sinabi ko yun, I asked all my friends to fly to Singapore, ‘cause we were taping in Singapore.

“She was not my girlfriend, remember this. And I just proposed to her.

“I felt it naman na if she said no, then I’m gonna pursue her. Liligawan ko talaga.”

According to Aga, they got engaged sometime in "October or November" of 2000. 

Then they exchanged I do's in Baguio City on May 28, 2001. 


Aga then pointed out that his strong commitment to marriage may have stemmed from having the right mindset from the very start.

At the same time, he gave credit to his wife Charlene for being the best partner in life.

“I can’t speak for guys. I’m just lucky to have married such an angel already.

“She was also patient with me from the very beginning. Siyempre, when we first got married, medyo bata pa ako nun.


“So at some point, may konting pagkasutil ka. Pero wala, e. She never complains. 

“Until sa akin na nanggaling yung pagbabago. Like the things I needed to change sa akin, nanggaling na sa akin, sa kahihiyan mo na lang sa sobrang bait ng asawa mo.”  

Watch below for Aga's PEP Live interview with First Love co-star Bea Alonzo:

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