Kris Aquino answers this question after posting photo with Mayor Herbert Bautista: Nagkabalikan na ba sila?

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Kris Aquino on relationship status with Mayor Herbert Bautista: "No need to ask kung nagkabalikan, because if we did — I'd have requested him to do IG & FB Live because he's the man and the confirmation of our relationship status should come from him..."

Marami ang kinilig sa Instagram post ni Kris Aquino nitong Oktubre 7, Linggo ng gabi, kung saan magkatabi sila ni QC Mayor Herbert Bautista kasama ang dalawang kaibigan.

Nagtanung-tanong ang (Philippine Entertainment Portal) kung ano ang kuwento sa likod ng larawang iyon.

Napag-alaman naming nagpunta si Mayor Herbert sa bahay ni Kris, at silang magkakaibigan ay sabay-sabay na nagtungo sa isang restaurant sa Podium.

Candid ang “She Said, He Said” revelation ni Kris kaugnay sa relationship nila ni Mayor.

Nagkabalikan na ba sila?

"Everything I posted, I showed him before uploading," sabi ni Kris nang i-Viber message ng nitong Oktubre 8, Lunes ng umaga.

"We know where we stand in each other’s lives. We understand & trust each other.

"No need to ask kung nagkabalikan, because if we did — I’d have requested him to do IG & FB Live because he’s the man and the confirmation of our relationship status should come from him..."


Kasunod nito ay ibinahagi ni Kris ang nangyari sa relasyon nila ni Herbert.

Lahad niya, "There was a lot I couldn’t understand 1st half of 2014, I fully grasp & accept now at the tail end of 2018...

"I had Kuya Josh, then 10 years after his birth I married Bimb’s dad. I’ve been through the whole process of entering and exiting a marriage while HB has never married.

"The relationship experiences we’re coming from are so different. And that’s why I said our story has my perspective & his point of view...

"It’s clear to me — what we went through changed me for the better. Because Bimb grew up so much from the time Mayor & I reconnected when he was 6 years old & now he’s 11.

"Our conversations are now more insightful. Straight talk — his 4 kids & my 2 shouldn’t have to carry the burden for the choices we made in the past. Responsibility na namin yun.


"I can speak only for me in this part — if & when my sons become ready to welcome someone into our lives because they know whoever he is will stay for good, then I can have the freedom to love & be loved.

"But I have to give this to kuya & Bimb — the 100% assurance that their happiness comes before mine."

Nag-sorry si Kris sa mala-thesis niyang reaction sa nag-iisang tanong (paglilinaw) kung nagkabalikan na ba sila ni Mayor Herbert.

Paliwanag pa niya, "I don’t want to leave room for misinterpretation. I know HB & I will always have respect & affection for each other."


Napanood ni Kris sa Broadway ang If/Then: A New Musical. Sapul ang kanyang puso sa kantang "You Don’t Need To Love Me."

Saad niya, "Iniyakan ko yung solo of 1 of the male leads & Idina Menzel would be in silhouette or partially seen.


"It resonated with me: and I’ll never even ask you, to let me have your heart, so I’ll never break your heart.

"All my life I was always the believer that you fight for love right here & right now.

"But I’ve grown up (finally) and realized real love doesn’t settle for temporary happiness, because it needs the firm belief that come what may the 2 of you are a TEAM."

Ang lyrics ng kantang "You Don’t Need To Love Me":

You don't need to love me
Or tell me that you do
Don't make me any promises
Just promise we're not through
Don't give me one damn thing
I won't let you call this greed
Just let me give to you
that's the only thing I need
I know that this can work
if you'd plant one simple seed
You'd see it grow
You don't need to love me to know

You don't need to need me
It's better that you don't
If each of us can walk away
It won't matter that I won't
We'll both be self-contained,
but together, not alone
You can keep me in the dark,
hell, it's all I've ever known
But we both could use a friend,
who will always check the phone and take the call
You don't need to need me at all


Let me be your emergency contact
Your occasional plus-one
Your excuse to take a sick day
When the forecast calls for sun

We can keep on being lonely
But we don't have to be apart
And I'll never even ask you
To let me have your heart

So I'll never break your heart
No, I'll never break your heart

You don't need to love me
To let me help you through
You don't need to confide in me
I've got crap enough for two
You don't need to answer
I'll know before you do
But hear me
And believe me
That you don't need to love me
The way that I love you

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