Ateneo De Manila dismisses student caught bullying another student in viral video

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According to the Ateneo de Manila statement, the school is taking a hard look at its present anti-bullying measures.

Ateneo de Manila University has released its decision on the Atenean caught bullying on video: the high school student will face the penalty of dismissal.

The statement reads: "This means he is no longer allowed to come back to the Ateneo."

The statement, made by University President Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ, also says, "I have spoken to the parents of both students about this decision and have offered the families continued support to help them overcome this difficult time."

The Jesuit priest adds that the investigation is not over, "as there other matters involved in the incident." He did not elaborate.

In a previous article from Smart Parenting, the digital site said it hoped that the incident recorded on video—which has angered the public by the fact that it involves minors, that the violence is frightening, and that it happened on school grounds—will make schools take a second look at their anti-bullying measures.

Parents have long complained about their frustration and helplessness with the way that schools, not just the Ateneo, have responded to cases of bullying.


According to the Ateneo statement, the university is definitely taking a hard look at its present anti-bullying work.

A task force has been created to conduct "a comprehensive study of the current situation," with the goal to "prevent a culture of silence from harming our students and encourage everyone to speak up against bullying."

Here's the rest of the statement posted on Ateneo's Facebook:

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