Antoinette Taus gives update on her condition after dog attack

by Ruel J. Mendoza
Mar 9, 2019
Antoinette Taus shares update on her health condition after recent dog attack
PHOTO/S: @antoinettetaus on Instagram

Nagbigay ng update via Facebook noong nakaraang March 8 ang actress-singer-host na si Antoinette Taus tungkol sa kanyang kalagayan pagkatapos niyang makaranas ng dog attack kamakailan.

Pero deleted na ang mahabang post ni Toni na ito kunsaan sinamahan pa niya ng photo ng kanilang pet pitbull na in-adopt ng kanyang pamilya.

Sa post na iyon ni Toni, kinuwento ng aktres ang dahilan kung bakit siya in-attack ng chow chow na matagal na pala siyang kilala at ilang beses na niyang nakakasama sa iba’t ibang okasyon.

Nilahad din ng aktres ang mga pangyayari pagkatapos siyang atakihin ng chow chow hanggang sa dalhin siya sa ospital para maoperahan sa braso, binti at dibdib.

Sa kuwento ni Toni, marami na raw palang inatake ang chow chow na ito, kasama na rito ang kanyang kapatid na si Tom Taus Jr., ang kanyang kaibigan at ilang family members ng amo nito.

Sa unang post ni Toni nung maoperahan siya, iba't ibang reaction ang nakuha niya mula sa netizens, lalo na sa mga pet owners na may alagang dog breed na chow chow.

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Gusto lang sabihin ni Toni na isa siyang animal lover at kahit na nasaktan siya ng naturang aso, hindi raw mawawala ang pagmamahal niya sa mga aso.

Heto ang kopya ng deleted post ni Toni sa Facebook:

Hello everyone! I truly was not expecting this level of attention towards the dog attack post. I simply needed to give a brief update about my situation for the sake of my family, friends and colleagues, and especially because of all the work I am missing this week. I am truly sorry to the people I commited to and sincerely hope that my absence has not caused any problems. Please know that I will do all I can make it up to everyone once I am back on my feet again.


Before anything else I would like to express my deepest gratitude to every single human being that has sent well wishes and prayers for my recovery. My left arm, left thigh and right breast are still in pain, and I will be unable to use my left arm for a while. My wounds are still covered and I have yet to go for my next check up here in Manila. I have missed a lot of work and still missing work, but more than anything, I am so very grateful to be recovering and to not have any permanent damage other than battle scars. Thank you for caring and helping me understand the gravity of the situation. I myself didn’t realize how much worse this could have been, especially if the dog had also reached my face.

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I haven’t been able to read every single comment but I understand that there are questions about the attack – how it happened, what provoked it, and what relationship I had with the dog. But the main reason I would like to answer these questions is to help prevent more serious attacks from happening to anyone in the future. Even in my state, I know how lucky I am to come out of this with use of all my limbs and no permanent damage.


I have known this particular chow chow since he entered the lives of his “fur family”. He is owned by close relatives and we have even stayed in the same home and have travelled together. In fact, I was always one of his favorite human friends. Many people were afraid of him because he has always been aggressive and temperamental, but not me. I have always had a deep love for all animals and all creatures, and always will.

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This particular chowchow has already attacked many others before me including my own brother. He has bitten family members, the house help, and even attacked a female friend of mine and bit her in the face. She simply asked to take a photo, we sat next to him, and out of the blue he just lunged at her and bit her face and her torso. We had to rush her to the hospital for seven injections including rabies and tetanus shots. She required stitches to her face and body, and more than anything she lives with the trauma of that moment.

This has also been very heartbreaking for me as well because even with the numerous attacks, I myself kept defending the dog and making myself believe that he could change. But even after expensive training, he remained the same. I can’t help but feel like an idiot because even after all those violent incidents, I still loved this dog and chose to keep being friends with him and to pet him against my own family’s wishes.

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The chow chow was a part of the wedding ceremony and was brought to Baguio along with the entire family. The dog was with us the entire day, including the ceremony and the reception. At the after party, the dog was on his leash as a few family members took turns watching him. Towards the end of the party I simply approached them and tried to pet him when he suddenly just lunged at me as he took hold of my wrist with his jaws.

Everything happened so fast. My first thought was “dear God please don’t let him hit any veins or arteries.” I didn’t want to bleed out on the floor. It has never been part of my natural instinct to hurt people or animals. And rather than hitting him or hurting him, I chose to place my hand on top of his snout and even inserted my thumb in between his teeth to try to pull his jaws off of my wrist. I have had experience with big dogs, and I was afraid that if I had done anything else, the injuries would be worse. He was so aggressive that even with two people trying to pull him back, as soon as I was able to get him off my wrist, he immediately lunged again and bit me on my right breast and left thigh. I finally managed to crawl away after this.

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I ran to my brother in horror because when I looked at my arm and the many lacerations, I could see white lines underneath the skin in my wrist area. At first I thought it was bone, but later on learned from my doctor that it was actually my tendon that was showing. I also had some meat/fat hanging out of one of the puncture wounds in my arm.


I was rushed to the emergency room of Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital in Baguio City a little after midnight on Sunday, March 3rd (technically Saturday night); was given first aid treatment, along with nine injections (including rabies and tetanus); and was to await surgery at 7am. I was very grateful to learn that this was also the “Animal Bite Center” of the city. One of my doctors is even a proud chow owner. He has never been attacked but says that the breed has been notoriously involved in most dog bite cases.

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My surgery required general anesthesia and I was to be put under. Until the doctors could look closer and actually see my wounds, we wouldn’t know yet what kind of damage was actually done. All the bites in my arm, breast and thigh required stitches. But since the wounds were jagged and uneven, my surgeons needed to cut some of the skin while cleaning the wounds in order to help my scars heal better. I also learned that part of the muscle had been ripped from the tendon in my wrist, and required reattachment during surgery.

The procedure lasted 2 hours, with 1 hour and 45 minutes dedicated solely to my left arm. I was confined to the hospital for two days to ensure that no complications occur. At this point, the most important thing my doctors wanted to watch out for was infection due to the actual bites and saliva of the dog. I was given fluids intravenously and was on antibiotics and pain medication 24/7. I had a slight fever and swelling on the second day due to the trauma to my arm, but we were easily able to manage it and I was able to go home last Tuesday, March 5th.

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I have a series of follow up shots lined up with doctors in Manila and my wounds are recovering as each day goes by. I have no use of my left arm as of the moment, but I am able to wiggle my fingers a little already. My arm is still in a lot of pain and my wrist hurts extremely when touched or moved. I am deeply grateful to the amazing doctors, nurses and staff of Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital that were extremely professional and took such good care of me. I am forever grateful for their kindness compassion and brilliance.


I am an animal lover and have also had dogs as pets throughout my life. In fact we even adopted a pitbull when we lived in the United States. Our house was broken into around the same time my brother’s friends found an abandoned pitbull left behind at a train station. We officially adopted her to help discourage any further break-ins and for protection. But most of all, we instantly fell in love with her sweet disposition.

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I completely understand the chow parents that want to defend the breed. I myself had to always explain and defend our dog to traumatized and skeptical people. Pitbulls are on top of the list of bite cases because of the strength of their jaws. But it is also a known fact that they are one of the sweetest and most loving dogs in the world. The ones with bad reputations have been victims of abuse and forced to participate in dog fights. But this is not something that we could keep explaining every day to every single person. We accepted the responsibility of the strength and reputation of pitbulls, and we lived with discipline, faith and love that when people got to know her, she could be a positive example for her kind.

Never, not even once, has our pit bull hurt a single human being. On our end, we always were very sensitive with how we treated her and also where we took her. Most of all we raised her with lots of love. We took strict precautions with her even if she didn’t have any violent tendencies. She was never “off-leash”, and even if she was a sweetheart, we understood the risks of the strength that she might not understand she possesses.

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I have nothing against any particular breed, but we must understand and accept that there are some breeds that have a tendency toward violence more than others. We all have the right to speak about our fears and traumas, just as we all have the right to defend any living being that we love. I was never upset or irritated at anyone afraid of our pitbull, because I understood why they felt that way even if they were never attacked.


To have a pet that can cause permanent damage, or even death, to a human life is a huge responsibility. Cuteness and love towards their master does not make them harmless. I apologize for the pain my injuries may have caused chow parents, but more than anything, I hope that this can be a learning lesson for everyone that even if a chow chow is close to someone, they can still attack. The many comments below by chow chow owners that have already been attacked are further proof of this fact.

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For those that have not yet been hurt, I sincerely pray that you or any of your love ones don’t have to go through the trauma and pain that I have that been through. I’m sure your fur babies are amazing and wonderful, but it still doesn’t change the fact that chow chow‘s are known to be temperamental and aggressive. Yes, they are not the only breed to have aggressive tendencies and the power to harm human life. There are many powerful and dangerous breeds that are sometimes even raised specifically for protection. I am simply sharing my own story and experience. I do not hate chow chow’s or any particular animal on this planet. But I hope that you can at least understand that I have a reason to be traumatized by this particular breed and this specific dog.

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Most of all before buying any pet, let us always put first the of the safety of our loved ones, our friends and our family. Cuteness will never outweigh a human life. Dangerous breed or not, there are risks with everything. And with every single kind of pet in this world, let us all be responsible pet owners and make an effort to completely understand the animals we choose to keep in our lives.

My love for dogs and all animals will never ever change and will continue to grow for as long as I live. A very hard lesson that I have to accept is that just because I love animals so much, it doesn’t mean that they cannot hurt me. A huge part of loving them, is knowing the risks involved so that they can be treated properly and given a life filled with love and proper care.

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Rabies is considered a public health problem in the Philippines, causing almost 300 deaths in 2018. If you or anyone you know is bitten by an animal, proceed to the nearest hospital and see a doctor immediately. Do not try to treat it yourself. You will need medical attention and most probably rabies shots.

This March is rabies awareness month. In the Philippines, rabies deaths have been on the rise with the most cases seen in 2018. Let us all do our best to make responsible decisions for the sake of our own lives, the future of our pets and most of all, the lives of those we love.????

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PHOTO: This is our pitbull that we adopted in the US. She has never ever hurt a single person and remains to be one of the sweetest dogs we have ever known.


P.S. It is still very difficult for me to type and text, but thanks to technology, I am able to share these words via text prediction.

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Antoinette Taus shares update on her health condition after recent dog attack
PHOTO/S: @antoinettetaus on Instagram
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