Mabuhay ang Pinoy riders! This BGC mural is a tribute to the motorcycle community

The mural represents the fun, vibrant spirit of the Filipino Mio community.
Oct 14, 2021

Heads up riders! That big new artwork in Bonifacio Global City is dedicated to you!

Titled “Own The Culture,” riders of the Yamaha Mio will instantly recognize the look of the five motorcycle front faces scattered around the painting. Do you see your own Mio up there?

The 45-foot mural can be found on the side of the W Global Center on the corner of 30th Street and 9th Avenue and was created by local visual artist Glenford Lumbao.

Dedicated to the Pinoy riding community–and especially to their big, happy, Mio-loving family–Yamaha Motor Philippines created the mural in partnership with the Bonifacio Art Foundation. If you’re one of the many riders who drive through the busy area everyday, it’s going to be hard to miss.

Featuring the bold question, “What's Your Culture?” in the center, each slice of the art represents a different user of the well-loved Mio: VR gamer, adrenaline junkie, artist, fashionista, and chef. Lumbao's style remixes these recognizable activities using bold colors and funky lines.

Compared to all the other street art scattered around BGC, the mural both fits in with the energetic vibe and manages to stand out and be memorable at the same time–maybe because it does cover almost the entire side of the building!

The Pinoy riding community is known for its togetherness and team spirit–we often see riders helping each other out in different ways. Delivery couriers share directions with lost colleagues, riders assist fellow commuters who have broken down on the road. "Own the Culture" is a reminder of the other face of the community: the fun and vibrant life on two-wheels.

That’s why Yamaha came up with the eye-catching mural: so their Mio community can share in some good vibes with each other and other riders on the road. Aside from expressing their personality with their choice of scooter, is there anything riders love more than taking long rides to scenic spots and taking photos with their beloved vehicles? Now you have a new spot to snap, right in the heart of BGC!

If you’re looking at the mural and thinking about finally getting a motorcycle of your own, then check out Yamaha’s full range of Mio motorcycles here. You can also head to your local Yamaha dealership and try them out in person.

One more thing: Yamaha Mio will soon launch a social media contest (Hint: It has something to do with the mural!) where Apple airpods, iPads, and Yamaha merch are up for grabs, so keep checking the Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. Facebook page for updates. See you at 30th corner 9th!

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