Annabelle Rama is proud of her sexy image in the '70s


"Noong araw naman, hindi ako nagaganyan; ngayon na matanda na ako at saka ako napaglaruan. Noong araw, hindi ako sumisikat ng ganyan, ngayon na-Internet pa ang beauty ko!" says Annabelle Rama about her sexy photos circulating the Net.

Back in the '70s, there were bombshells fantasized by men whose photos and movies would put most of today's young hot sexy stars to shame.

Merle Fernandez—the original Bomba Queen and sister of Rudy Fernandez—became well-known for her box-office hit movie Uhaw. Then came Rizza, who shined in her movie Nympha, the bomba movie also hailed as an art film. These stars were then followed by Stella Suarez (mother of Richard Gomez), Yvonne, and Rosanna Ortiz.

It seems like former sexy star Annabelle Rama found her old Bomba-era (and almost nude) photos circulating the Internet for some time now. Many people were shocked and awed at how beautiful and sexy Annabelle was during her glory days. Many have speculated on why the photos suddenly appeared on the Internet and what was the story behind it.

Annabelle bared it all on Showbiz Central yesterday, July 15.

"'Yung nakita ko na pictures, galing ‘yon sa Pink Magazine," Annabelle explained to Showbiz Central co-host John "Sweet" Lapus. "Pero hindi ko na maalala kung anong year. ‘Yung lumalabas naman na pictures na naka-bathing suit ako, commercial ko ‘yon sa electric fan. ‘Yung naka two-piece naman, kakapanganak ko lang kay Ruffa noon, 1974."


What is her reaction to the positive comments about her sexy photos?

"Actually, nasa US pa ako noong may nag-text sa akin na pinaglalaruan daw ang pictures ko sa Internet," Annabelle said. "Sabi ko, wala naman akong paki dahil alam ko naman kung ano ‘yung pictures ko na nailabas. Tapos nakita ko sa kabilang istasyon na inilabas. Sabi ko nga, bakit naman nailabas ‘yan dahil wala naman akong sariling kopya. Wala na akong magawa."

Annabelle added, "Tinanong ko din sa asawa ko [Eddie Gutierrez] kung nagalit ba siya sa akin dahil maraming lumalabas na pictures ko sa Internet. Sabi naman niya na, ‘Ba't naman ako magagalit dahil alam ko naman na noong araw pa ‘yan?' Wala naman din masama doon, di ba?

"Noong araw naman, hindi ako nagaganyan; ngayon na matanda na ako at saka ako napaglaruan. Noong araw, hindi ako sumisikat ng ganyan, ngayon na-Internet pa ang beauty ko!"


Annabelle was also to quick to add that the sexy stars then were 100 percent original, since it was an era before you could take a trip to the beauty doctor for plastic surgery and other beauty enhancements. So, what you see is what you get.

Anyway, John asked Annabelle why the sexy stars of her time had more respect from the masses, compared to the sexy stars of today.

"Hindi ko alam, pero baka sa hitsura ‘yan," Annabelle said. "Nakita mo hitsura ko, mukha akong virgin. At ang pananamit ko, hindi bastusin. Kasi kahit magpa-sexy ako, disente pa rin."

Annabelle then proudly said, "Wala akong pakialam kung sino magalit sa akin dahil sa panahon ko noong araw, e, ako ang number one, ako ang pinaka-sexy, at ako ang pinakamaganda sa batch namin. Original, walang retoke!"

In her opinion, who would Annabelle choose to replace her as most sexy?

"Ehra Madrigal, kasi ang chest niya ay original, walang retoke at siya ang Pinoy version ni Paris Hilton," answered Annabelle, who is actually the talent manager of Ehra.


Annabelle is making a comeback film via Regal Entertainment's My Monster Mom, where she will co-star with daughter Ruffa Gutierrez.

"Sinabi ko lang kay Direk na kung puwede, ‘yung dialogue ko, sarili ko lang. Basahin ko lang ‘yung script at ako na bahala sa dialogue ko," said Annabelle.


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