The PEP "Tough List"

May 15, 2009
Robin Padilla does his own stunts and has been in many near-death accidents. One of those accidents happened back in 1992 when he ran through walls of fire in a scene for his movie Miss Na Miss Kita: Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum 2. Robin is just one of the few tough celebrities who still gets going even after an accident.

We love them for their talent and good looks, but a star's job is not all glitz and glamour, it's a tough one, too. Accidents happen while shooting a movie or taping a TV show. Missteps happen in a supposed well-rehearsed fast-dance number. Stunts can go wrong. Our idols also get hurt. That's when you see how tough our stars are.

Take what happened to Robin Padilla back in 1992, during the filming of his movie Miss na Miss Kita: Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum 2. Daring Robin's arms got burned while running through walls of fire from blasting caps. Somewhere along his stunt, someone miscalculated and the result was a burned Binoe who now has arms marked with keloids, dark reminders of that unfortunate incident and part of Robin's collection of "medals" (scars and stitchmarks) from his daredevil ways. As philosopher Friedrich Nietzche said, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger," the former Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema still did (and does) his own stunts in his movies and TV series.

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Other stars may not be as bold as Robin, but they're no less tough after experiencing accidents and injuries. PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) talked to some of them and learned why they should be on PEP's celebrity "Tough List." Celebs who met accidents while working come first, followed by stars who got their injuries from sports, from vehicular accidents and from childhood.

Occupational hazards:

MARIAN RIVERA. "Nagka-fracture ang paa ko, nabali yung isang buto sa paa. Nakuha ko ito during my shoot ng 'Nieves' episode ng Shake, Rattle and Roll X kung saan gumanap akong 'Engkanto Slayer' na kumakalaban ng mga maligno. Nakabakya kasi ako doon at dun sa rehearsal ng isang eksena, tumakbo ako at natapilok kaya nabali yung buto ko sa paa. Pero dahil marami kasi kaming natanguan na mga commitments, minabuti na naming ituloy yung mga hindi na namin maaaring i-cancel, katulad nung concert namin ni Dingdong [Dantes] sa L.A. Madami kasing umasa na mapanood kami doon kaya kahit naka-cast ang paa ko at nakasaklay, napagdesisyunan naming ituloy. Siyempre, in-adjust na lang naming ang show para makapag-perform pa rin ako kahit may pilay. Sabi nga nila, the show must go on. Ngayon, totally magaling na siya."

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DINGDONG DANTES. In his Chika Minute interview about his hand injury in a Dyesebel taping: "I got carried away. Gusto ko kasi talagang lumabas nang maganda ang eksena kaya natangay ako nang husto. Hindi mo maiiwasan na maaksidente sa taping, much more na siguro into your character. Nagkakaroon ng things na hindi mo makontrol. Aksidente lang siya."

What he learned from this injury: "Mas matibay talaga ang forces of nature. Huwag natin siyang kakalabanin."

DENNIS TRILLO. In his PEP interview (click here) about his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury which he got from a parkour (freestyle obstacle jumping) rehearsal for Gagambino: "Nagkaroon ng torn ligament sa likod ng right knee. Nagkaroon kasi ako ng masamang bagsak before the taping ng Gagambino. At first, sumakit siya, pero biglang nawala. Kaya I thought na napasaan lang ako o simpleng pilay. Yun pala, may naputol na palang ligament."

He underwent operation on April 1 and had a wire installed in his knee to augment the damaged ligament. He is now on his way to recovery through therapy sessions.

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PAULEEN LUNA. "Oh, normal sa 'kin ang injuries, ha-ha-ha. Marami-rami na kasi, The worst one was like three years ago in the set of Encantadia. We were doing a scene na nagso-sword fight. Ayun, natuluyan, my ring finger got sliced in half vertically. Lesson learned? Easy lang sa stunts. Ha-ha-ha. I'm so lucky my nail grew back!"

CHYNNA ORTALEZA. Hurt her ankle while dancing in SOP. "My ankle is better now, but I still have to take care of it. I can't wear high heels for a long time and I still have to take it to a therapist para bumalik sa dati. Thank God that this is my only injury and it's just a minor sprain. I'm still lucky!

"What did i learn from it? To take extra care of myself especially when I am dancing. I have to make sure that I wear the proper footwear as well. No high heels for me while dancing from now on. Plus I also learned to value basic things in life that you take for granted when you are normal. Lastly, accidents are unpredictable and may happen anytime so you have to be careful at all times."

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ASSUNTA DE ROSSI. "It happened in 1996. First time kong mapasabak sa action film. May blast effect. Sa sobrang takot ko-tatakbo kami nina Gardo Versoza and Sunshine Cruz-nadapa ako at nakaladkad. Pagtingin ko sa right knee ko, bukas na pala ang skin sa sobrang laki ng sugat. Sinugod ako sa hospital at tinahi ang hiwa sa tuhod ko. Kadiri talaga.

"May pagka-accident prone talaga ako nung bata pa ako. Medyo malaki ang naidulot na trauma sa akin, pero kasama talaga sa trabaho yan."

MOCHA USON on bandmate HERSHEY DELAS ALAS. "So far, wala pa naman akong injuries. But my bandmate Hershey [delas Alas] has an experience.

"It happened last January at Hard Rock Cafe in Makati. The Mocha girls were performing that Thursday night. It was packed and the people were in the party mood. We invited four people from the audience to dance with us on the stage. We were dancing by partners. Hershey was dancing with a big foreigner guy. The guy was so energetic and happy dancing with Hershey he accidentally hit her right eye with his elbow. She was in shock! Actually all of us girls were in shock when we saw blood streaming down her face! She had a big lesion/cut on her right eye near the brow bone. We immediately rushed her to Makati Medical Center Emergency Room where she had undergone three stitches. Hershey is doing better now though the wound left a small scar on her beautiful face.

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"We've all learned some very important lessons from this accident. First, health insurance is a must for every artist. Second, we always have to be alert and cautious while performing on stage so we can avoid these kinds of accidents."

TV networks and a few movie studios, particularly the big movie productions, usually provide insurance or take care of the hospitalization needs of their artists who get involved in accidents while working.

"We insure our cast, staff and crew in our soaps," says GMA-7's Program Manager for Entertainment Redgie Magno-Acuna. "This has provision in our budget." When Robin was hurt in a motorcyle accident during his Joaquin Bordado taping, GMA paid the bill for his medical expenses. "GMA lahat ang nagbayad," attests Robin's manager Betchay Vidanes.

Marian Rivera and Dennis Trillo's manager Popoy Caritativo attests to that, "Ang GMA, may insurance sila talaga para sa mga artists nila. Si Dennis nung maaksidente at kinailangan nang ipaopera, inipon lang namin lahat nung receipts at ipina-reimburse namin."

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When Marian got injured in the Shake, Rattle & Roll X episode 'Nieves,' Popoy said Mother Lily Monteverde (Regal Entertainment producer) quickly offered to pay for Marian's hospital bills. "Kami na lang ni Marian ang naghati. Maliit lang naman. Saka hindi naman operation," says Popoy.

Sports injuries:

JAN MANUAL. Burned his face and arms during the KapusOlympics Watermania 2008 (click here). "Kasi po both teams, parang nagmamadali na. Yung ginawa ko na po, parang inangat ko na po ang torch. Kasi, nakita ko na po na dapat po talaga, si Maggie Wilson ang aakyat sa torch. Pero ako na po ang nag-volunteer na gagawa. Pagkaangat ko po, yun na... Kasi po, puno siya ng gas. So, tumapon po sa braso ko muna. E, nakadamit po ako, so, yung apoy, naiwan po sa damit ko. Malakas po talaga ang apoy. Habang tumatagal, mas tumitindi po siya."

Jan stayed in the hospital recuperating from second degree burns for three weeks. He's now back to work in Showbiz Central and already finished a TV series.

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DEREK RAMSAY. Injured one of his knees during a game he participated in years back. Last year he injured his other knee in an ultimate Frisbee tournament (click here). "My right knee is in desperate need of surgery. Ngayon nga, nararamdaman ko na, both knees are already affected. My left leg, may fractured bone naman. Hindi ko nga lang alam kung paano ako nakakapaglaro at kapag naglalaro ako, walang sakit." Although Derek has been planning to get both of his knees operated on, workload prevents him from undergoing operation for now.

EULA VALDES. Had a torn ligament in one of her knees from a game she did back in college. "Hindi ko iniinda. Pero as the years went by, siyempre, with age na rin, nararamdaman ko na siya talaga." She had her knee operated on in 2006 and had titanium plates inserted. But despite the operation, Eula still enjoys doing extreme sports. "I do those kasi life is too short and ang age...age lang yan, e. I don't believe na dahil 40 ka na you should act your age. Marami ka pang puwedeng gawin." (click here)

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JEFFREY HIDALGO. "Yup, wrist injury. I got it last year from my mixed martial arts [MMA] training when my left arm got arm-barred. I actually still have it that's why I don't train anymore. I actually need to get it checked coz it's been a year na and it still hurts when I lift weights."

JAY-R. "I've injured my ankles, fingers and toes playing basketball many times. All I do is just ice them and stay off [basketball]. The more I stay off it the faster it heals so I can get back to playing again."

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA. "It was a month before West Side Story. Nagba-basketball kami, tapos nag-lay-up ako. Pagbagsak ko, bumagsak ako sa paa ng kalaro ko, so, nag-twist yung ankle ko, talagang... "krrrrkkk!" Bagsak talaga ako no'n, di ako makatayo. I had to bind it first. Unfortunately, I had a show sa gabi pa no'n, debut. So nagli-limp ako sa show na yun. After the show, saka ako napa-X-ray. Wala naman daw broken bones, torn ligaments lang, which was bad. 'Tapos medyo lumaki siya na parang apple. 'Tapos nagre-rehearse ako with that. Lagi akong may binding, all the time. First few days naka-cane na rin ako. I had to take pain killers, muscle relaxants, na pag ininom mo, yung panlasa mo nagiging lasang kalawang yung tubig...

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"So what I learned is don't play any sport before a show. Do it after. Kasi it's your responsibility to take care of yourself."

Car accident:

SUNSHINE DIZON. "Wala naman pong major na nangyari during work. Yung left knee ko po may tahi. Na-car accident po ko nun, di ba? Pero no broken bone po, tahi lang talaga. Ok naman po yung tuhod ko, may scar lang po. Magsi-six years na po 'ata. Nalimutan ko na din po, e. He-he-he! Selective amnesia."

Childhood mishaps:

COOKY CHUA. "He-he-he. Madalas, may pagka-clumsy. Minor lang naman lagi. Madalas nauuntog o natatapilok. Yung medyo malala, I think, first year high school. Patintero kami. Natapilok ako, tumusok ang ulo ko sa matulis na bato. Naoperahan naman, he-he-he. Nung baby ako, nahulog daw sa crib, lumobo ang ulo. Umayos din naman. Baka kaya may topak ako, madalas kasi ulo naa-accident. Ha-ha-ha!"

KLAUDIA KORONEL. "Yes. Marami. Natulog ako sa ilalim ng plantsahan. Dahil maliit lang naman kase ang bahay namin no'ng teenager ako. Nandoon na ang kusina, higaan, hapag-kainan, living room, at siyempre plantsahan. Natutulog ako sa ilalim ng plantsahan. Nahulog sa legs ko ang napakainit na plantsa. Siyempre sa bandang tuhod kaya hirap na hirap ako maglakad papuntang school. Mula noon, lesson na sa akin na kapag may namamalantsa, dapat umiwas ka na. Lahat ng injury ko nagmumula sa sunog. Kaya dapat alert pag alam mo ng may sunog or 'wag na maglaro ng apoy! Ha-ha-ha!"

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Dieting hazard:

FRANCINE PRIETO. Fainted while dieting and woke up with an injury. "January 11, my fourth day sana ng pagda-diet ko nang mag-collapse ako sa banyo, nung nagkamalay na ako, super sakit na ng left foot ko, kasing sakit nung unang beses akong na-sprain dahil nalaglag naman ako nun sa stairs. Di ako pumunta ng hospital dahil may work ako that day, nagpunta ako ng story conference ng new show sa GMA, then may event ako for San Miguel Beer ng gabi sa San Pablo City, Laguna. Pasayaw-sayaw pa ako, but after nun, namaga na foot ko. Nag-taping pa ako ng Bubble Gang and Kamandag, may fight scenes pa nga ako, may iniinom akong matinding pain killer pero masakit pa din siya, iniisip ko, baka di lang ligaments ang natamaan, baka sa bone ko na." She later learned when she visited her doctor (who treated her from her previous injuries) that she already has three broken bones in her foot.

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"Nagtataka nga sila kung bakit daw nakakapaglakad pa ako nang mabilis, sabi ko nga, nakakapag-fight scenes pa ako pero masakit lang sobra after." She also learned from her doctor that she broke her small toe. She recovered from this injury through medication and therapy.

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Robin Padilla does his own stunts and has been in many near-death accidents. One of those accidents happened back in 1992 when he ran through walls of fire in a scene for his movie Miss Na Miss Kita: Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum 2. Robin is just one of the few tough celebrities who still gets going even after an accident.
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