Jasmine Curtis Smith happy to be a “regular” student in new school

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Young actress Jasmine Curtis Smith is grateful for not getting special treatment in school. She reflects, “I want to feel in my classes rin na regular student ako, nothing special about me in school.”

Jasmine Curtis Smith’s time management skill is put to the test as she does showbiz work and school at the same time.

Jasmine has just started college at the Ateneo de Manila University as an A.B. Communications student. She has also begun her new TV project on TV5 titled Undercover.

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The younger sister of Anne Curtis admits that it will be harder for her now to do these two things at the same time, unlike when she was living in Melbourne, Australia.

During that time, then high school student Jasmine only chose minimal showbiz projects, like TV guest appearances and a short teleserye Nandito Ako, because she was flying back and forth between Manila and Melbourne.

“Now, it’s gonna be a challenge," the 18-year-old actress said.

When PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other media interviewed Jasmine on the set of Undercover recently, she related how she rushed that day on the set from school for the taping of her new show with fellow Kapatid actor Derek Ramsay.

“Like today, biglaang nagkaroon ng Department Talk and I finished at 6:00 P.M.

“’Tapos, kailangan kong pumunta ng taping, galing akong school.

“I rushed here to finish all my scenes tonight and wake up early tomorrow for school, for a new day.”

The young actress did not complain despite her busy schedule.

She even acknowledged, “I know for sure, hindi siya madali. I entered it knowing the sacrifices I have to make in terms of social life, family time.”


Jasmine hopes to do well in managing her time.

“Sana dito ako matuto ng time management ko,” she smiled.

“Masipag ako, hopefully in both work and school.

“Start na talaga na ipagsasabay ko for real ang work and school in one country.

“Before puwede ko pang ipaghiwalay. Sana masipag akong tao.”

NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. Jasmine did not deny that her first week in school was a challenge because, “It’s hard to ignore all the sneaky stares, sneaky photos.

“Pero at the end of the day, I was there for school, I was there to engage in whatever educational attainment I can get.”

She added, “It was challenging din kasi iba talaga ang system dito compared to Australia.

“Here in the Philippines, we take the way the States take their education.

“In Australia, it’s a whole new different thing. Parang, wait lang, saan ako pupuwesto.

“Kinakaya ko naman. Mahirap but I ask for help even though ako ‘yong pinakamatanda sa batch.”

So far, Jasmine is happy that she gets no special treatment for being a celebrity.

“In my classes, thankfully wala,” she related.

“I want to feel in my classes rin na regular student ako, nothing special about me in school.”

The Kapatid actress admitted that there were a few school organizations who asked for her endorsement.

Unfortunately, Jasmine said, “I try to turn them down gently because, ‘yon nga, I wanna be a normal student.

“I’m not there to make videos for an org that I’m not part of.


“I’m there to be participative in things I want to be a part of.”

She also stressed, “I’ve had enough of the shooting, photo shoots. Parang kailangan ko namang i-balance. School is for education lang, academic-wise.”

Jasmine made an exception though when her new school requested her to become its muse during the opening of the UAAP Season 76 Games.

The young actress led the ADMU Eagles in The Hunger Games-inspired opening of the annual inter-school multi-sport league earlier this month.

Right now, Jasmine just wants to focus on her work and studies.

When asked how she would balance these two activities, she replied, “We’re trying to figure out that as well.

“For now, we’re just adjusting taping after school.

“It’s ironic because Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my busy days at school, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my light ones.

“Work is work. I can’t change my schedule for school.”

She quipped, “We’ll see how it goes. Kapag bumigay na ang katawan ko, we’ll all know. I’ll tweet about it.”





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