Model Chanel Olive Thomas sees "the future in" Jake Cuenca

IMAGE Noel B. Orsal / (inset) Jake Cuenca's Instagram

Model Chanel Olive Thomas on why she said "yes" when Jake asked her to be his girlfriend: “I’ve never met someone like that before. For me, it was like, ‘You’re kind of like me but you’re a guy version.’ And he was so amazing…”

In April of this year, the Kapamilya hunk Jake Cuenca started posting intimate photos of him and Fil-Australian model Chanel Olive Thomas on Instagram.

Curious, the netizens drawn to the photos wanted to know if the model is Jake's his new girlfriend.

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In May, the Ikaw Lamang star confirmed to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that he and Chanel have been in a relationship since two months henceforth.

Jake told PEP, “Yeah, she’s my girlfriend, she’s an Australian.

"Two months... good, sobrang saya, something very different.

"Kasi nga parang ang tagal ko nang 'di nagkaka-non-showbiz relationship, so parang iba.

“May sarili kaming mundo and I value that, inaalagaan ko talaga ang mundong yun.”

THE GIRLFRIEND SPEAKS. PEP got to know more about Chanel at the Preview Best Dressed Ball 2014 last June 27 at the Hyve Superclub in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


Chanel shared a few details on how their love story started, beginning with her introduction to Jake by her best friend, Angela Gurango.

Chanel recounted, “I actually lived here before like five years ago for like nine months.

“And I met her [Angela] and my best friend Patricia Prieto, the blogger.

“So it was like us three.

“And when I came back, I went out with Angela.

“We met each other because they [with Patricia] were batchmates.”

The Fil-Aussie model admitted she never thought that she would find someone special during her stay in the country.

Now, she has a reason to stay a bit longer and learn Tagalog.

It was most unexpected, “I’m like, I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend.

“I was like not interested in dating an actor and it kinda happened.

“And then he’s really great.”

Chanel added, “Actually, I decided to take Tagalog lessons last week.


“So yeah, I’m giving myself a three-month deadline I’ve deferred from college.

“So, I’m gonna focus on my Tagalog.

“That’s like my main purpose…”

A SHADE LIKE JESSY MEDIOLA. Ever since Jake admitted his relationship with Chanel, she has been compared with the Kapamilya actress Jessy Mendiola, his love interest for a time.

Chanel had said in a previous interview that she did not mind the comparison.

She told the press,“To be honest, she’s maganda right?

“So for me, it’s not like… it’s negative, it’s like, ‘Oh, thank you for saying that!’

“But being from Australia, it’s a different upbringing, like different actors are like well-known there, right?

“So coming here, it’s like, ‘Oh, you’re being compared to a pretty girl!’

“So, it’s not negative. It’s more like positive.

“Also, we’re two different personalities.

The model said that she has not had the chance to meet Jessy yet.


JAKE AS A BOYFRIEND. “He’s so sweet, yeah, he’s super sweet,” Chanel said when asked to describe Jake as a boyfriend.

The Fil-Aussie model told the press that although she has adjusted to the showbiz world, she feels “blessed” that Jake protects her and their privacy.

She said, “He kinda keeps me out of it so I’m more focused about his family, my friends, that’s like the main thing.

“As long as I’m good with his family and friends, everything else will work out.

“‘Cause in showbiz, you know, showbiz will always gonna be there but that’s not the main thing."

GUY VERSION. And what moved her to say “yes” when Jake asked to be his girlfriend is his closeness to his family.

She attested, “He’s really close to his family which for me is super important.

“Because I want that closeness in family and friends.”


For her part, Chanel expressed her all-out support for Jake, “I support his acting, I support his career but I support more of him as a person and the showbiz just comes there.”

Chanel described Jake as a very caring person: “Like when he cares for someone, he will go out of his way to make that person happy.

“And for me, that’s my character.

“I’m someone who takes the time… If I love someone, I always want to make sure that they’re happy before I’m happy.

“So it’s just the same thing.”

They have many things in common that Chanel commented, “I’ve never met someone like that before.

“For me, it was like, ‘You're kind of like me but you’re a guy version.

“And he was so amazing…”

IS HE THE ONE? After four months of being in a relationship, does she think Jake is “the one”?


Chanel said, “I love him, but you know, marriage is like…

“I haven’t had a boyfriend in four years so for me having a boyfriend is a really big step already.

“But like, you know, I see the future in him.

“I’m not looking for a short-term relationship.”

Jake hasn’t met Chanel’s family yet but plans to go with her to Australia the moment he pries himself loose from his busy schedule.

Chanel said, “Yeah, once his work goes down.

“So like right now, I’m one hundred percent focused on him an his work.

“So his work is really important and then, once his work’s done we’re gonna go back to Australia together as a couple.”


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