Ai Ai delas Alas: The "men" in her life

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Ai Ai delas Alas is once again being talked about for her new boyfriend, 20 year old Gerald Sibayan.

Martina Aileen de las Alas or “Ai Ai” as known to the public has always been a vibrant personality and a comedian earning her the titles Philippine Queen of Comedy and Comedy Concert Queen.

Unlike many fellow comedians who remain hushed about their personal lives, Ai Ai has been upfront in dealing with issues may it be personal or not.

FIRST HUSBAND. Ai Ai married good friend and singer Miguel Vera in 1989. She had her first child, Sancho, from a previous relationship. Her marriage with Miguel produced two children, Sean Niccolo and Sophia. The marriage lasted until 1996. The two decided to part ways but on a good note as mentioned in her past interview with The Buzz,

“Kasi nag-start naman kami as barkada bago naging kami, bago kami naging mag-asawa. I think iyon ang foundation, although parati kami nag-aaway. Sobra kami mag-away, nagpapatayan nga kami kapag nag-aaway kami. Pero 'yung friendship namin talagang bumabalik kasi doon kami nagsimula,” she said.


Ai Ai remained reserved about her love life since then, mainly focusing on being an actress and mother to her three children.

DATING A MODEL. In 2011 she was rumored to have dated an Italian-Colombian model she supposedly met in a high end bar when the model approached Ai Ai and introduced himself.

"Hindi niya alam na artista ako. Hindi niya alam na Best Actress ako. Pero kasi siyempre, nagtitinginan yung mga tao sa bar. Na-curious siya, 'Sino bang tinitingnan n'yo?'" Ai Ai said in a past interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

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NEW MARRIAGE, NEW CONTROVERSIES. An even bigger news shook the nation in 2013 when Ai Ai admitted her marriage with 29-year-old Jed Alvin Salang, a businessman raised in the United States. Their wedding took place in Las Vegas and lasted a month, and end in May 2013. Ai Ai said in an interview with The Buzz that Jed changed for the worse after their marriage.


“Nung May 2, ang pinag-awayan talaga namin, gusto niya mag-monthsary kami sa casino. Ayaw ko na mag-casino siya kasi hindi naman healthy para sa kanya and hindi rin maganda para sa akin na nakikita ako sa casino. Sabi ko sa kanya doon na lang kami sa bahay or any hotel, huwag lang doon kasi may casino doon.”

What further prompted Ai Ai to separate with Jed was when he discovered that Jed's alleged real reasons for marrying her, which included Jed's gaining personal convenience from of the marriage.

In the heart-wrenching interview on The Buzz, Ai Ai narrated how she gave Jed the benefit of the doubt and the pain she felt when she learned Jed’s alleged intentions and when Jed physically abused her.

“Noon ko nalaman iyon and ngayon ko na-confirm. Alam ko dahil from the very beginning ramdam ko naman iyon. Kaya lang natatakot ako sa totoo and natatakot ako dahil alam ko kapag nalaman ko 'yung totoo, sobrang sakit,” she said.


MOVING FORWARD. Presently, Ai Ai has moved on from the rocky marriage and said in an interview with PEP, she said: “Tapos na, tapos na. Ang title na ngayon ng ginagawa natin ay moving forward.”

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It seems like the comedy actress has once again found love despite the pain she received in her former relationship.

In July 2014, Ai Ai finally admitted to PEP that a new non-showbiz suitor is making her happy.

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Ai Ai remained evasive to questions about the new suitor, claiming she’d rather keep things private but described the guy as “napakabait, napaka-maalalahanin, napaka-gentleman.”

A NEW LOVE. It was Ai Ai’s boyfriend who might have been her then suitor, Gerald Sibayan, who finally came into the limelight and admitted the relationship.

A PEP source asked Gerald through Facebook chat if he and Ai Ai were dating and the 20-year-old said “Opo. God bless you.”


FIRST READ ON PEP. La Salle badminton player Gerald Sibayan confirms relationship with Ai-Ai delas Alas

Gerald is a student of Sports Management student from De La Salle University and is a former player in the university’s badminton team, where Ai-Ai is currently the acting manager. It’s also the same school where her eldest son, Sancho is studying.

Ai Ai, who is turning 50 this November, is once again caught up in the a controversy for getting in a relationship with a guy 30 years her junior.

But the actress made it clear that she never wanted the attention in the first place and prefers to keep things more private this time.

“Nadala na ako sa maingay, e. Saka huwag na, nauudlot kasi, e. Hayaan na nating tahimik ang kapaligiran.” She said in a PEP interview.

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All’s fair in love and war as they say, and in love, age may be nothing more than a number. Ai Ai chooses to take things positively and love freely.


“Na-feel ko na natapos na ang lahat na sakit... natapos na. Parang kapayapaan na lang ang hatid,” she said in one interview.


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