Solenn Heussaff thinks hubby Nico Bolzico is "so pasikat" with his Instagram posts

IMAGE Instagram photo of Nico Bolzico

Solenn Heussaff said her husband Nico Bolzico was surprised by the reactions of Netizens to his Instagram posts: "He loves it. He's pressured now."

If you're following the Instagram account of Solenn Heussaff's husband Nico Bolzico, you would know that his captions are usually hilarious.

He began showing his funny side when he went almost naked to imitate the boudoir photo of his Filipina-French wife, whom he fondly calls "wifezilla."

Like I said. Marriage won't change me. Haha #sosbolz

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Nico maybe heading a company which has the serious objective of improving the Philippines agribusinesss and technology, but in their household and among their squad, he is the funny guy.

Check out some of his witty captions.

Leading my monkey army to war! Beware humans! ???? @piealvarez

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Working out time 1 hr, taking the right pic time 2.3 hrs! Always fun w this one!

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This is my shoot @solennheussaff ... Don't steal my natural light! #sosbolzitaly

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When they are home, he likes taking his wife's most candid videos.

Wifizilla trying to redeem herself from the Lechon Skin dance... Clearly this was not a good idea!

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How to wake up WifeZilla version 1 point oh!

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There were times when he makes fun of himself, too.

Trying to be sexy! This is the closest we got! Biting my lip didn't work out as expected!

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Love me @solennheussaff

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In a recent interview, Solenn was asked about her husband's Instagram feed.

She quickly replied in jest, “I know, he's so pasikat!"

Then, she added, “He's actually really funny.”

The A1 Ko Sa 'Yo actress said she never really appreciated this side of her husband until some news and blog sites noticed his humor.


I've been with him for about six years,” Solenn said.

I still think he's funny, but I didn't think about that until there's so many articles coming out about him.”

With the attention he's been getting because of his social media posts, Solenn said Nico has become more conscious about his posts and captions.

Imitating her husband's tone, Solenn said, “He loves it. He's pressured now, like, 'Now my captions have to be f*cking hilarious.'”

Keep 'em coming, Nico!

Blending with my figue #sosbolzitaly

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