This mother of two is 51, and we don't believe it!

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Puspa Dewi is a famous Instagram fitness celebrity from Jakarta, Indonesia. The young-looking mother of two recently went viral across the worldwide web after netizens were shocked to learn that she is already 51 years old.

Meet Puspa Dewi, an Indonesian social media celebrity.

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An Instagram fitspiration, Puspa recently made international headlines because of her youthful looks.

Believe it or not, the former beauty queen-turned-fitness entrepreneur is actually 51!

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This photo of her and her son Dennis went viral last year when the Indonesian mother of two turned 50.

Netizens can hardly believe it, but Puspa is proud to be in her golden years.

Her secret?

In one of her Instagram posts, roughly translated, she said: “The key is:

“1. Positive thinking.

“2. Do positive things.

“3. And the consumption of food and drinks is good and right!”

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In an article via Daily Mail Online, Puspa told Indonesia-based news website Detik that part of becoming ageless is being happy.

She said, “People say that the older I get, the younger I look, which I think is true, because I am happier now, the children are all grown up and I get to run a business I love.


“I guess I am just radiating happiness.”

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Puspa and sons Dennis and Daniel are the popular faces behind the YouTube channel Hadi Genetics, which currently has over 25,000 subscribers. The family talks about their personal health and wellness regimes, and posts videos of workouts, calorie consumption tracking, and their family milestones.  

On the channel, Puspa is lovingly known to their subscribers as "Mama Hadi."

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