FIRST LOOK: Mariel Rodriguez greets husband Robin Padilla with photo of Baby Isabella

IMAGE @marieltpadilla on Instagram

Mariel Rodriguez and Baby Isabella to Robin Padilla: "I wish you the best of health so we can play and so that you can guide me in life."

Mariel Rodriguez may be 8,543 miles away from Robin Padilla, but she made sure she'll be among the first to greet him on his birthday.

Today, November 23, the action star turns 46.

Mariel is presently in Delaware City, U.S.A., so at past midnight--12:05 a.m., to be exact--she posted her touching message on Instagram, and accompanied it with a photo showing the beautiful face of their angel, Maria Isabella.

It read, "Dearest Daddy @robinhoodpadilla, Happy happy birthday.

"I can't wait to meet you, dad!

"Mom says all these wonderful things about you. How much of a hero you truly are, how generous, kind, loving, and compassionate you are.

"If i inherit a few of your traits that already makes me one blessed girl. 

"I promise to make you proud dad [mom will make sure that happens].

"I wish you the best of health so we can play and so that you can guide me in life.

"It is my honor to be raised by you. I love you, dad. Happy birthday.

"Love, Maria Isabella De Padilla."

It can be recalled that exactly two months ago, Mariel flew to the U.S., where she chose to give birth.

Robin was unable to follow due to visa problems.

Without further ado, here's a first look at Mariel's bundle of joy.





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