Is Julia Clarete now married to her Irish beau Gareth McGeown?

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Julia Clarete and her Irish beau Gareth McGeown have been together for almost six years now.

Like their engagement last year, Julia Clarete and her Irish partner Gareth McGeown had kept the details of their wedding private.

The former TV host did not even make a direct announcement about it. 

But in a Facebook post last Sunday, July 23, she referred to her short film Skit a "great wedding gift."

When and where did the wedding happen?

She did not indicate as well.

But on July 23, 2017, Julia posted on Facebook and Instagram a photo of a white dress, which had the netizens conclude that she indeed got married.

It can be recalled that news about her engagement were put out after her co-host Isabelle Daza's wedding in Tuscany, Italy last September 11, 2016.

Belle's wedding photographer Francis Perez posted a sweet photo of couple and congratulated them.

His caption: ""So excited for you two... congratulations in advance! #fperez #trampatdy #weddings#belleadrien2016"

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The lovebirds have been together for almost six years now.

It was last year when Julia left Eat Bulaga! to "level up" her relationship with Gareth.

The 37-year-old star is now based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with her son Sebastian Uy.

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Best wishes and congratulations, Julia and Gareth.





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