These families show what group effort is this Halloween

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Pops Fernandez, her sons Ram and Robin Nievera, and the latter's girlfriend Zia Quizon are presently in Japan.

This year's Halloween isn't just about scariest characters or cutest tots in their costumes, it's about moms and dads, too, joining in the fun.

You've probably seen the Crayon family—Drs. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho Jr. plus their daughter Scarlet Snow.

It was the little one's idea, according to the beauty doctor.

"She wanted to be a 'purple crayon while dancing.'"

The Dantes League is presently the most liked family photo with 154,704 likes ten hours after Dingdong Dantes uploaded it on Instagram.

The actor wore a Batman costume, Marian was Catwoman, and Zia was Batgirl.

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Pops Fernandez didn't know her sons Ram (left) and Robin Nievera, plus the latter's girlfriend Zia Quizon, "had a theme."

Good thing she brought a cute bonnet for their trip to Japan.

Ina Raymundo and her daughters Erika, Mikaela, and Anika were pretty zombies while trick-or-treating in their village.

Bianca Gonzalez, husband JC Intal, and their daughter Lucia were minions on the loose in Hong Kong.

Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, and their sons John Maurie and Hunter didn't have a specific theme.

Happy Halloween, from my ghouls to yours! ?????????????

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Ciara Sotto was Princess Jasmine, while her son Crixus was happy to be Ninja Turtle Michelangelo.

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Stephanie Zubiri, husband Jonathan Crespi, and their sons Sebastian and Maximilian, were "Ahoy mateys."





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