Grace Lee's Kko Kko is not your typical Korean restaurant

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Grace Lee takes pride in her restaurant Kko Kko's very own Chicken Cheese Fondue.

Aside from being a prominent news anchor and TV host, Grace Lee is also a restaurateur.

Did you know she's managing Buta Wagyu, Atelier Vivanda, and Kko Kko--which has six branches--all at the same time?

On September 23, Grace reopened the Korean concept restaurant Kko Kko, which was formerly known as Hoolala.

When asked about the restaurant's name, Grace told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "It's actually the way how chicken sounds in Korea.

"So everyone there know that Kko Kko means chicken.

"Kko Kko has kind off stuck in my head for the longest time I was conceptualizing this.

"And I'm happy with how it turns out."

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One reason why Grace and her mom decided to give Hoolala an overhaul after a year of managing it: they simply wanted the Filipinos experience Korean culture through food.

"Its just that me and my mom trying to make an affordable, delicious, authentic Korean chicken and Korean food recipes available to the local market."

Aside from changing the name and the restaurant's interiors, Kko Kko has a more modern take on the traditional dining experience that other Korean food chains offer.

"Largely kasi right now, the Korean restaurants here in the Philippines are very traditional.

"May mga barbeque restaurants that are existing for a very long time or it's like the other way, chicken restaurants that have very limited choice.

"I wanted it [Kko Kko] to be authentic, but also very modern.

"Meaning, the 'in' culinary experience in Seoul, that is something I wanted to simultaneously carry here in the market."


When it comes to handling the business, Grace said she has a full control on everything.

The TV host explained, “Iis nott gives me more freedom to add the menu I want, I’m more free to tweak the recipe according to how I know Filipinos will enjoy.

"I am very control freak in that manner, I’m very meticulous, and I’m very specific about the things I want when it comes to my food.

“Every recipe that comes out on the table I worked on it together with my mom and my staff so I am a hundred percent involved."

Here are four of the many must-try dishes.

1. Dosirak or Korean version of bento box

It's served in nickel-silver lunch boxes used by Korean students in the 70s and 80s.

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2. Chicken Cheese Fondue

This savory treat has sweet soy glazed chicken fingers, fries, and onion rings with a bread bowl full of cheese.

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3. Snow Chicken

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4. Fire Chili Chicken

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Grace's Kko Kko restaurant is located at the Saphire Bloc, Garnet Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

It's open from Mondays to Sundays, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.





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