Bea Alonzo recalls being called "chubby girl" and feeling insecure

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Bea Alonzo underlines the importance of developing a positive body image for yourself: "As long as you commit to doing something for yourself and loving yourself, and being comfortable in your skin and just deciding na, 'Hey I'm fabulous, I'm awesome!' kahit na sabihin ng society that you're not. The important thing is you love yourself."

At 30, Bea Alonzo is still dealing with pangs of insecurity about her body.

In her recent #ByBea vlog on YouTube, she opens up about it to her fans in her video titled "Miss Bee's Balik Alindog program."

Definitely a lot slimmer now, the ABS-CBN actress said she was much chubbier than her fellow actresses back in her younger days.

She related, "Nung time na iyon, sobra akong insecure. I didn’t feel good about myself.

"Iniisip ko I’m not the pretty one, I’m not the sexy one, so maybe I should be the good one.

"Iniisip ko na lang na gagalingan ko na lang sa pag-aartista, sa pag-arte, kasi baka iyon lang iyong edge ko.

"And alam mo, mas lalo pang nadagdagan iyong insecurities ko noon about myself.

"Parang nagkaroon ako nitong whole bubble na iniisip ko, maybe I’m not blessed, maybe I’m big-boned, maybe I’m this, I’m that...

"I didn’t feel good about it at that time."

According to Bea, the self-realization pushed her to become proactive about health and fitness.

Be the best version of you ????

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"One day, I just decided maybe I should just do something about it, you know?

"Kung may effect siya o wala siyang effect, it doesn’t matter. At least, I can tell myself na at least I did something about it, di ba?"

Bea began running and eating right; she turned pescatarian or eating only seafood and vegetables.  

With this lifestyle change, the Kapamilya star underscored the results were not instant.

“Hindi rin siya mabilis, ah," she said. "It just became a lifestyle. Maybe nakakita lang ako ng results after a year.”

Bea stressed that initiating a lifestyle change was what mattered most in her fitness journey.

With this lifestyle change, Bea developed a positive mindset towards health, wellness, and body image.


"I guess iyon lang naman iyong secret, e. As long as you commit to doing something for yourself and loving yourself, and being comfortable in your skin and just deciding na, ‘Hey I’m fabulous, I’m awesome!' kahit na sabihin ng society that you’re not.

"The important thing is you love yourself.

"Eventually, kapag nakita nila na masaya ka, kapag nakita nila na mahal mo sarili, mamahal ka rin nila for who you are."

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BEA'S BALIK ALINDOG PROGRAM. The actress-vlogger emphasized that she was not fitness or diet expert, but Bea wanted to share some of the practices she has followed to maintain a healthier body and mind.

First, she tried juicing, which extracts the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. 

According, "The resulting liquid contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and planet chemicals found in the whole fruit."

Though juicing wasn't stated to be a healthier substitute to eating the whole fruit, it could be a more interesting way to include fruit and vegetables to your diet.

Bea suggested the same thing in her vlog.

She remarked, “I don’t like beets, I don’t like celery, pero dahil nagju-juice ako, mas naco-consume ko siya, 'tapos na-nourish ako… So in this case, drink your vegetables!”

When it came to exercise, Bea's preferred cardio workout was jogging.

But she decided to also return to the gym and get assistance from a trainer.

That same day, Bea walked us through her first gym session with her trainer, Coach Cleo (right).

The actress kick-started her workout sessions with a body-conditioning workout.

Continuing with her balik alindog program, Bea gave us a glimpse of her first day in Pilates class the following morning.

Bea found Pilates to be a great way to stretch her muscles and strengthen her core.


She remarked, "Iyong mga poses saka iyong mga positions, they seem so simple but actually mahirap siya!

"Nararamdaman ko talaga iyong stretch and nararamdaman ko talaga iyong pull sa mga muscles ko at sa core ko, which I think will be very effective kung magiging consistent ka sa pagpi-Pilates."

For her final step in her balik alindog program, Bea went to the Aivee Clinic to have her weekly beauty treatments.

At the end of the video, Bea reiterated her belief in maintaining a healthy attitude towards oneself.

“I am not an expert, and I am not a fitness guru or a diet guru.

 “Just like you, I struggle every day. I always remind myself to keep going and to always think that I am beautiful my own way.

“Di ba? Nag-iisang ikaw lang, so all you have to do is embrace whoever, love who you are, and be comfortable with your own skin. In that way, you’ll be able to inspire others, too.

“And the most important thing is you have to do it for yourself. Not for the society or not because other people are telling you to do so.

"I think the perfect recipe here is to just be happy and be comfortable with who you are."

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