Valerie "Bangs" Garcia back to form 7 months after giving birth

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(L-R) Valerie 'Bangs' Garcia before her pregnancy, on her 8th-month of pregnancy, and 7 months after giving birth to Baby Amelia.

Many moms struggle with shedding unwanted pounds after giving birth. That was at the back of Valerie "Bangs" Garcia's mind when she got pregnant last year.

Bangs and her husband Lloydie Birchmore welcomed their baby Amelia last December 5

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The actress turned full-time mom has always had an active and healthy lifestyle, and because of that she had an easier time getting back her pre-pregnancy figure.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, August 11, Bangs shared how she did it in seven months, which impressed her Instagram followers.

Bangs wrote on Instagram, "#PreventWeightGain #GettingBackinShape after #CSection: Start working out at least a few mos. before pregnancy, keep a healthy diet, wear a high-waisted panty about 2-3 mos. postpartum depending on your healing process. (Consult your doctor first)"

Bangs wanted to show that moms of any age can achieve a fit body after giving birth.


She continued, "When I was young, I used to hear that when a woman bears a child at 30 years & older, she cannot get back her pre-pregnancy body anymore.

"That’s why my ideal age to get married was about 25 or 26, so I’d have enough time to bear children before I turn 30.

"But instead, I got married at 29, got pregnant at 30, now, I am 31 with an 8-month old baby; I strongly disagree that a woman can’t get back into shape at this age!

"It may not be exactly as it used to be, but it is possible.

"Perhaps, with perseverance you could even be in a better shape than before."

Bangs also recalled some of her most challenging fitness routines before getting pregnant.

"My doctor in the Philippines once told me that I unawarely prepared my body for pregnancy long before I got pregnant, I was always in perfect condition every time I had my examinations with her.


"I used to workout really hard from 2014-2015, perhaps, too hard that I used to cry in the shower after my trainings thinking, 'What have I gotten myself into?!', Lol!

"I never wanted to show my trainer any signs of weakness, I was determined to complete my sessions to improve my endurance, discipline; and basically, every aspect of my health inside out."

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It took her months to get back into shape as she had first to fully recover from a cesarean delivery. Still, she burned the unwanted calories through simple exercises and proper diet.

"Having been through an emergency c-section hinders me from doing any strenuous activity at the gym ‘til 8-9 mos. postpartum, I need full recovery for my incision.

"I’ve done brisk walking on the treadmills & unemphatic squats a few times since 4 mos. postpartum, but no sit-ups yet.

"I’m so glad I trained hard a few years ago, hence, it improved my wellness & I became truly disciplined in general.


"I made sure I ate really well."

About her diet, Bangs wrote, "My #PregnancyDiet: No Rice, No Pork, Quinoa, Salmon&Mackerel, Chicken Breast, Beef, Veggies everyday (I love Broccoli), Fruits (Strawberries helped me w/my acidity), Pasta, Wheat Bread, Eggs (contain choline w/c is good for baby's brain devt.), No Sweets ‘til 7mos, Soy Milk."

"My #PostpartumDiet: I eat anything but I eat rice only 2-3x/month, I rarely eat pork, I eat fruits 1st thing in the morning. Veggies everyday."

On average, healthy moms gain around 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. After delivery, moms shed up to 12 pounds of baby weight. The remaining post-pregnancy weight, however, does not magically disappear.

Breastfeeding does burn calories but moms should still watch their calorie intake so that their babies will get enough nutrients from their milk.


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