Pregnant Nadine Samonte gets a scare after allergy attack; rushes self to ER

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Nadine Samonte recounts her ordeal on October 15, after getting an allergy from fried chicken. Pregnant with her second baby, the celebrity mom is rushed to the emergency room.

Nadine Samonte experienced a bit of a scare yesterday, October 15, after having an allergy attack.

According to her Instagram post, Nadine was eating lunch by herself when she suddenly felt that "there's something na parang sumasakal na sa akin inside me."

She wrote, "I don't know kung ano yun, so binalewala ko hanggang sa parang sumusobra na yung sakal inside. 'Tapos pati paglunok ko, nahihirapan na ako..."

Pregnant with her second child, the actress got immediately worried about her baby.

She called the secretary of her OB-GYN, and was advised to head to the nearest hospital fast.

"Pagdating ko ER, I was catching na din my breath.

"Nahihirapan na ako huminga... I'm scared because of my baby. Baka makaapekto or what, I don't know then..."

Nadine found out that it was an allergy attack.

"Na-allergy ako sa fried chicken, which I always eat naman. Super weird.

"Nakakatakot yung feeling kasi ok lang kung ako [lang naaapektuhan], pero I was super scared baka maka-affect na kay baby.


"Buti na lang, they injected me [with] medicine agad, and unti-unti nawala yung naramdaman ko...

"I was praying kanina na sana everything is okay, everything will be okay.

"Ang hirap pala pag buntis, talaga bigla-bigla may mga nangyayari.

"Ang hirap pa kasi wala pa lagi si hubby ko, so lagi ako mag-isa.

"But thankful ako that I'm okay now..."

Nadine was glad that she and her baby ended up okay after the ordeal.

"...I'm not complaining, and I know this will be another beautiful journey for me because he/she [the baby] is beautiful.

"Thank you Lord #blessed]"

She was supposed to be admitted to the hospital, but chose to head home.

In her next Instagram post, she wrote, "Sa lahat ng nag-pray for me and wishing me well, I'm very much okay today.

"Last night nag-trigger ulit, buti na lang, my take-home meds ako so nawala na din. Until now wala na.


"Thank you sa lahat po and thank you din sa hubby ko @rboy_chua for buying these for me...

"I know you are so busy sa work and I understand, but kahit busy ka you still manage to get my cravings. Love you!

"Thank you to everyone again. I really appreciate lahat ng messages niyo po."

Her husband Richard Chua brought some fruits for his wife.

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