Kris Aquino reveals cure for her broken heart: Tiffany rings worth PHP2.4M

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Kris Aquino on getting herself Tiffany rings to mend her broken heart: "I bought the two rings to remind me na, 'Hello?! You can buy it on your own!'"

If no man is brave enough to put a ring on her finger, Kris Aquino had said she can just buy it herself.

Exactly what she did when a man she did not name broke her heart.

During her exclusive digital cover shoot for (Philippine Entertainment Portal) Headliner, Kris shared the story behind the Tiffany Embrace platinum band ring that she wears on her right ring finger.

She said, “Eto ang pinaka-meaningful. This is a Tiffany ring. Binili nung somebody broke my heart.”

“May katerno ‘to. It has a matching two-carat heart-shaped [diamond ring] also. But I didn’t wear it now.”

Here's a close-up shot of Kris's Tiffany Embrace ring with a half circle of brilliant diamonds:


According to Tiffany’s official website, the Tiffany Embrace ring costs $3,900 or approximately PHP205,374 (based on $1-P52.66 exchange rate).

And it has a matching heart-shaped diamond ring that is typically bought as an engagement ring—a “classic symbol of love and devotion,” according to Tiffany’s website.


A two-carat heart-shaped diamond Tiffany ring costs $41,000 or approximately PHP2,159,060.

Combined, the rings cost a total of $44,900 or PHP2,364,434.

Recalling how she felt at the time she made this purchase, Kris added, smiling, “I bought the two rings to remind me na, ‘Hello?! You can buy it on your own!’


“So deadma na sa kanya! Kasi kaya mo naman on your own.”

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Could the man who broke her heart be her ex-flame Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista?

Kris once admitted that Mayor Herbert "broke her heart" when he called off their engagement during their short-lived romance in 2014.

Last year, Kris told that Mayor Herbert gave her a Bvlgari ring and proposed to her a second time, but she turned it down.

"I really realized na, parang, I think wrong timing. When he was already ready, I felt ang dami ko nang na-survive. At ang tagal din naman kitang hinintay."

But to go by Kris's recent statement on Instagram, she and Mayor Herbert have come to terms with their failed romance and have chosen to become good friends instead.

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Kris reveals Herbert proposed and gave her a diamond ring
<p>Kris Aquino reveals how Mayor Herbert broke her heart</p&g

Kris Aquino reveals how Mayor Herbert broke her heart


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