Former Binibining Pilipinas candidate gains weight; starts journey to self-care

Angelique de Leon, former Binibining Pilipinas candidate, invites her Instagram followers to join her journey to self-care: "This will serve as my formal invitation for you guys to join me in my journey in regaining my mental and physical health back to its good condition."

Angelique de Leon, a 27-year-old business development manager, has taken on the challenge of living a healthier lifestyle again.

Remember her viral Facebook post about weight-loss journey last year?

She recounted, "I had my 15 minutes of fame when my weight loss story got viral.

"At some point, I thought people admired me for looking great and losing weight, but towards the end, I realized that it was my strength and my determination that moved them.

"It wasn't how I looked... It was how I did it that intrigued them.

"It wasn't clear how I did it and people have been asking me this question—how did you lose weight?"


Early today, November 26, Angelique took to Instagram to write about her recent weight gain.

She said it was the result of stress and anxiety caused by relationship and career problems.

"It has been a tough year for me. I ate and ate and ate some more because of stress and anxiety.

"I questioned my worth in my relationship and my career.

"My ex told me that I shouldn't be taken seriously.

"He would constantly disrespect me and shower me with gifts as his way to apologize...

"At work, I was told nobody liked working with me (despite being there for almost 5 years) and even told me that nobody wanted me back because I left for a few months.

"I was also asked to adjust to other people's incompetencies. And all of this just because I have a very strong personality."


Angelique had had enough of negativity and decided to dwell on how to be the best version of yourself.

She wrote, "I felt like I was being held back in both aspects of my life. And then I realized...

"I can remove myself from these situations. I can prioritize my inner peace. I deserve better.

"This is me sharing with you my weight gain and how I let toxic people and situations take over my life.

"We all have this experience. I don't want to just show you how amazing my life is.

"It's not always like that. There are ups and downs. This is real life."

Toward the end of her post, Angelique invited her followers to join her journey to self-care.

"This will serve as my formal invitation for you guys to join me in my journey in regaining my mental and physical health back to its good condition.


"I'm not going to share my story when I'm done with it. I'm sharing it while I'm doing it.

"We can do it together! You guys game? I'll be posting on my IG story for real time updates."

In a short chat with (Philippine entertainment Portal) via Instagram message, Angelique clarified that her goal this time is to go beyond the weight issue.


Angelique told, "Hindi weight loss ang goal, e. Kasi you can weigh heavier, but look slimmer.

"More of looking and feeling good. Accepting din what your body is capable of, siyempre, di na ganun kabilis metabolism natin."

She added, "Ang pressure lang na kailangan maramdaman is to challenge yourself.

"Kumbaga yung ibang tao, goal nila is to lose weight.

"Ako goal ko makapag-surfing, wakeboarding, trekking ng hindi nahihirapan sa katawan ko."

Angelique stressed she would be taking her time to achieve her new goal, "No time limit, No pressure. Pag may pressure, may stress."

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