Andi Eigenmann proud of her "extraordinary" family

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Andi Eigenmann and daughter Ellie (right) with their new family: Philmar Alipayo (left) and his son Toro.

Andi Eigenmann honors her newfound family with partner Philmar Alipayo in a recent Instagram post.

Andi, who is pregnant with her second child, recalled how her life as a parent began as a "tiny family of two."

Now, she and her seven-year-old daughter Ellie enjoy the company of their "extraordinary" family.

In the post, Andi introduced Philmar's son Toro. 

The actress mentioned that Philmar also has a son who lives in France, and they hope to meet him soon.

While their setup is not ideal, Andi loves what she has right now.

Her full caption read: "Ellie and I started as a tiny family of two, we've been really happy together, but later I was blessed with not just Philmar, but Toro as well.

"(He also has another adorable son named Kanoa who lives in France, and we are hoping to meet him very soon).

"Our family may not be ideal to some, but others' perception is not our reality.


"I love my family, and I love our life.

"We are aware that it is not ordinary— because it's extraordinary."


Andi didn't forget to honor her daughter Ellie as well, who has been her constant companion and best friend.

The celebrity mom wrote in a separate Instagram post, "I am extremely grateful to have Ellie by my side through this pregnancy.

"Everything becomes so much more special because I know how excited she is to become a big sister, and I know she will be as great to her as she has been to me and everyone she loves. 

"Ellie, you will always be the greatest gift I have received.

"I will always be thankful to have you as my daughter, my very best friend, my light and my life.

"I can't wait for this new chapter of our life together."

Andi and Philmar are expecting a baby girl.


Her pregnancy was announced back in February 2019.


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