Here's why Chynna Ortaleza hasn't posted pics of Baby Stellar on social media

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Chynna Ortaleza explains why she and hubby Kean Ciprian prefer not to post pics of Baby Stellar on social media: "I just want my baby to develop her own identity."

Celebrity couple Chynna Ortaleza and husband Kean Cipriano choose to savor their private life with their daughter Baby Stellar.

Unlike most celebrity parents who document their kids' day-to-day activities on social media, the couple prefers to keep their first-born away from the showbiz limelight.

In his previous interview, the former Dolce Amore cast told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that they are just protecting their daughter.

"We live in an environment na public.

"Yung era natin ngayon ng Internet, social media, it's very critical and risky.

"We're talking about family now. Hindi mo masasabi, hindi mo talaga alam ang mangyayari," Kean admitted.

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Last Thursday, September 29, the couple took time off from their babysitting duties to attend their good friend LJ Reyes's MApp media launch.

During the event, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked the Kapuso actress why she doesn't seem too zealous about posting Baby Stellar's photos on social media.

She confessed, "That’s also something that a lot of people ask, why we don’t show her on social media.

"It's because I just want my baby to develop her own identity.

"I'm not saying that people who, you know, post theirs on social media steal the identity of the kid."

On another note, she says, "Of course, one of these days, we’re really gonna share like a family picture or something."

How is Baby Stellar now?

She proudly shared, "Well, Stellar is very playful.


"She likes to talk, so for example, in the morning we’ll talk to her right away and she’ll responds right away with a smile."

Aside from playing, the first-time mom says she sees her daughter as a very happy and active child.

"Nasa stage na siya ngayon na she keeps on laughing, so grabe, napaka-rewarding nun sa parents."

Is she more of a Daddy's girl or a Mommy's girl?

Laughing, the Kapuso star said, "She’s both."

She added that their baby is everyone's kid.

"She’s even a lola and lolo’s girl. Pati sa side ng family ni Kean.

Chynna gleefully shared, "Since isa pa lang kasi siya [apo], siya lang yung baby in the family and everybody’s like showering her with love."

How doe she and hubby Kean plan to raise their daughter?

"Yung parenting style kasi namin ni Kean, we want her to like discover things on her own and explore on her own."





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