We love the way Ryan Agoncillo uses Instagram to teach Lucho

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#StoriesForLucho is Ryan Agoncillo's unique way of capturing his son's childhood and sharing life's great lessons.

Take a quick look at Ryan Agoncillo's Instagram account, and it is clear that being a husband and a dad are his treasured roles.

It is full of photos of wife Judy Ann Santos and their children YohanLucho, and Luna.

He's a fan of one-on-one dates with his kids.

He also posts photos with heartfelt messages for each of his kids.

It seems to be his way of capturing a moment that he wants his children to remember and treasure.

Many of Ryan's notes are, in fact, life lessons.

One of our favorites in his what we like to call virtual journal is his #StoriesForLucho series, which offers a wonderful peek into his journey as a father.

Someday, when Lucho is old enough, he will look back at his dad's posts.

We have no doubt they will have great, meaningful conversations about them. 

1. "Never underestimate the power of family."  

Ryan recently ticked off an item on his bucket list: motorbiking to one of the Himalayan peaks.

Without the support of his wife, Ryan said, he would not have been able to accomplish the challenging and extraordinary journey. And he made a point of telling it to Lucho. 

"When staring down the eyes of a beast, it's not about doing your best when everything goes right, it's being your best when everything goes wrong. As the mighty Himalayas stripped me to my core, I found the strongest pillar I could lean on, the love of your mother, Judy Ann." 

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2. Ryan knows he needs to be a role model. 


"Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice," he wrote, quoting Charles F. Kettering.

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3. Value hard work. 

"There will be times, you won't be the best, but always be the hardest working man in the room. Always." 

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4. See the beauty in everything. 

It's one way to tell your child to stay positive, and hard work factors in the good life. "Sleep early and wake up to see amazing things." 

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5. Choose the right life partner.

"Son, the secret to a happy marriage is the first step: Choosing your bride," Ryan wrote as a caption for a photo of Valentine's dinner menu. 

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6. Choose someone who supports you. 

A candid photo of his wife Judy Ann laughing is an example that Ryan chooses to show Lucho which aspects of life is more important than others. Laughter, for example, is vital in a relationship. "Never go for the girl of your dreams. go for the one who makes your dreams come true," Ryan wrote.  

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7. Choose a life partner like your mom. 

After finishing a grueling race, Ryan wrote for Lucho. "I want to tell you about the struggle, the times I nearly quit, and the moment you question it all," he wrote. "But first let me tell you how I got the girl," telling Lucho how instrumental his mom is in his life.  

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8. This is what real love is. 

"Son, listen to the words of the song 'Crush' by the Dave Matthews Band. It made dad cry while dancing with mom under the starlit sky."

Ryan posted the lyrics of that song when he greeted Judy Ann on their eighth wedding anniversary this year.  One of the best ways to show kids a healthy adult relationship is how parents treat each other.  


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9. You can count on me every step of the way. 

"You and me all the way, bud."

The bond between father and son grows stronger as time passes. 

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