Raymart Santiago bonds with daughter Sabina on her 14th birthday; Lola Inday Barretto posts touching comment

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Raymart Santiago bonds with daughter Sabina who celebrated her 14th birthday. Among those who reacted positively to Raymart's Instagram post was Sabina's grandmother, Estrella "Inday" Barretto, who posted a touching message for her apo.

Seems like all's well between Raymart Santiago and his daughter Sabina.

The actor recently took to Instagram to share a photo of them together during Sabina's recent 14th birthday.

Raymart's caption read: “Happy 14th bday anak. I love you.”

Happy 14th Birthday anak I Love You

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Unlike other celebrities who post on Instagram almost every day, Raymart hasn't been as diligent with his postings.

His last post of Sabina's photo dates back to February 1, while another post with Sabina and Santino was posted February 18.

Lunch date

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Sunday funday ????

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Some netizens think the father and daughter had a rift of sorts because of Sabina's cryptic Instagram posts last March, alluding to Raymart's relationship with a non-showbiz woman.

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Since then, apart from a few posts about his motorbiking and shooting adventures, Raymart had kept a pretty low profile on his social media accounts.

Raymart's latest post took a pleasant and unexpected turn when no less than Barretto matriarch Estrella Barretto, Claudine's mom, and who is known in showbiz circles as Mommy Inday, posted her birthday greeting for Sabina.


It read: "Whatever Beauty and Loving was in the Past// The Tragedy of What Transpired , that Got In The Way// and Whatever Tomorrow May Bring--- One Beautiful Blessing and Gift , will Remain, Uneditted, Unaltered, Unadulterated--- cannot be Erased Legally or Unlawful --is the fact that You Each raymart and claudine gave Each other Some Precious And Priceless Gift Which Are The Children- sabina and santino

"Let not any Animosity And Rude Intervention from Meddling family member Ever Break the Bond of Parenthood----for in fairness dad and I still always Treat you raymart with Respect and Fondness ( that is not to say that you are the hero and my daughter, the villaine) but that, what ever transpired is between the two of you- Godbless us all"


She concluded her message with a touching note: "Happy birthday Sabina, for i am happy that your Dad was with you on this Special day and that He and santino did a movie date( but A film that i donot even know how to spell? Hahaha"


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