James Yap's Baby MJ initially jealous of his newborn sister

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Proud mom Michela Cazzola shares how eldest son Baby MJ used to feel jealous after his younger sister Francesca Michelle was born: "Honestly, he got jealous the first few weeks. Initially he was curious, but the jealousy kicked in shortly after [the] baby arrived home."

James Yap and Italian partner Michela Cazzola can’t be any happier that their family is growing.

Michela gave birth to their second child Francesca Michelle on June 27, 2018.

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Our baby Francesca Michelle is here ???? Thank you God for protecting them during the delivery ??

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Now that they have a three-month-old baby girl, how did the couple explain to their firstborn Baby Michael James (MJ) that he’s already a kuya?

In an interview with Michela via Instagram Direct last September 28, 2018, she gleefully said, “When I was pregnant, he was hugging my tummy all the time.

“But I don’t think he really realized that there was going to be another baby in the house.

“Honestly, he got jealous the first few weeks.

“Initially he was curious, but the jealousy kicked in shortly after the baby arrived home.”

With a little explaining here and there, she added, “The jealousy is definitely less.

“He always kisses the sister and wants to carry her, but I explained that he needs to wait ‘cause they are both still too small!”

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Happy Sunday everyone! ??

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Both Michela and James noticed that their son MJ is a sweet kuya.

Look at this photo which they both posted on Instagram last July 11, 2018.

The celebrity mom captioned, “One love [heart emoji].”

Meanwhile, James said, “My bugoy so sweet to his baby sister Francesca [three heart emojis].”

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One Love ??

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Asked if she bought new things for her Baby No. 2, Michela said that she enjoyed buying girly stuff.

She admitted, “Honestly, the pambahay are from MJ, especially the neutral colors.

“But I admit I bought many clothes cause I missed buying pink, fuchsia, and girly things.

“I bought pink clothes for my boy also though, I super love all shades of pink.”

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