Joel Cruz now a daddy to 8 children; wishes to have "1 or 2 more daughters"

Joel Cruz with his three kids—(left Photo) Princess Synne, Harry, and Prince Sean. His eight child (right) is born on November 6, five months after the birth of his seventh child Zeid.

Joel Cruz happily announced the birth of his eight child on November 6.

On Instagram, the businessman posted a photo of his son, and wrote, "My 8th child [was] born 2 hours ago in St. Petersburg, Russia.

"Thank you Lord for another very healthy baby boy! See you soon, anak. Love you, daddy Joel!"

His eldest twins are Prince Sean and Princess Synne, 6; the second set, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, 3; the third set, Charles and Charlotte, 1, followed by Zeid, five months old, then his youngest son.


In the comments section, Joel answered some of the questions asked by his followers.

Hindi na po same ang mother niya? Last July [actual date was June 25] lang po pinanganak yung pang 7th son mo di ba,  Sir?

He replied, "Now, i have 6 sons & 2 daughters! They are all siblings because of same mother & same Father.

"Their mother Lilia carried the first set of twin—Prince Sean & Princess Synne in 2012. However, the 2nd set & 3rd set of Twins were carried by surrogate mothers.

"Likewise, my 7th Child & 8th Child were carried by surrogate mothers.

"But all egg cells came from Lilia."


So egg cell ng mother ang ginamit pero iba nagbuntis, ganun po ba yun?

Joel answered, "Lilia is now 36 years old and having a hard time to get pregnant that's why we hired surrogate mothers to carry on behalf of Lilia.

"But again, all egg cells were from Lilia and sperm cells from yours truly!"

How many kids are you planning to have?

In his previous interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Joel was hoping for another set of twins after his seventh child.

But he seemed to have changed his mind.

Joel wrote, "Well, I said 8 is enough already, but if our good Lord allows me to have 1 or 2 more daughters, I would be very, very happy!"

Interestingly, the program allows him to choose the gender of his kids.

He resumed, "Through this program, there is a sex selection or gender preference. I just have to pay extra but it’s not 100% accurate. I paid for my very first program for son/sons, but I have a boy & girl (1st set of twin), then they apologized for it! But I said that’s fine and perfect because all the while I thought it was just [single] pregnancy and a baby boy as the eldest.


"We did not plan nor [request] for a twin/triplet, because the chances for it is very low!

"I was just blessed that I had a twin for the first set, twin again for the second set, and twin again for the third set! Triple twins!!!"


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