Joel Cruz asked by netizen to marry the mom of his 8 kids


(Left Photo) Joel Cruz with his children Sean and Synne, 6; Harry and Harvey, 3; Charles and Charlotte; followed by Zeid and his youngest son (both are not in photo). (Right Photo) Joel with Lilia, the mom of his 8 kids.

Joel Cruz is now a daddy to eight children. He has three sets of twins; six sons and two daughters.

His eldest twins are Prince Sean and Princess Synne, 6; the second set, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, 3; the third set, Charles and Charlotte, 1, followed by Zeid, five months old, then his youngest son.

His wish is to have two more daughters "if our good Lord allows."

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In the comments section of his Instagram post announcing the birth of his eight child, one of his followers had a suggestion:

"Pakasalan niyo na lang po kasi yung mother @joelcruzaficionado. Huwag puro anak lang para happy family."


The businessman described the process, which cost him PHP7 million in 2012.

"I have no plan to marry the mother of my children because it was a program called InVitro Fertilization or Surrogacy wherein the biological mother offered her services to donate egg cells and carried my first set of twin."

Joel also said that he's a gay single dad, and that the six-footer Russian mom of his eight kids has her own family.

"The mother is married with [an] 11-year-old daughter.

"The fact that I am gay, happy, single father is enough already, and I don’t need to marry her at all!

"She has a very happy family and life to enjoy!"


Meanwhile, one of his followers asked: "Can I apply as his Nanny, Sir? I am working here Dubai in the nursery for almost 12 years and I am teacher by profession."

Joel replied, "For those who would like to apply for a nanny or nurse of my children, you can submit your resume or bio data to our office: Aficionado building, # 1770-1774 Instruccion street corner N. S. Amoranto (formerly Retiro) street, Sampaloc, Manila 1008. Attention: H. R. Manager"


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