Sam Milby undeterred by Jessy Mendiola’s busy schedule: “I believe in destiny, and if we’re meant to be, then we’ll be together.”

Jessy Mendiola’s busy schedule will not get in the way of Sam Milby’s intention of courting her. Sam, who admitted to courting the Maria Mercedes star last August, says he recognizes that Jessy is on a roll right now: “She has a lot of blessings right now and she’s young! She’s turning 21 pa lang next month. She’s young, she has everything going for her. So, I don’t want to… ako, you kn

Pursuing the lovely Jessy Mendiola has become even more challenging to Sam Milby, especially now that the young actress is preoccupied with work.

It does not help either that Sam—who admitted last August on national television that he is courting the Filipina-Lebanese beauty—is an actor with a hectic schedule of his own.

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Lest we forget, the Filipino-American hunk has a rival in actor Jake Cuenca, Jessy’s teleserye co-actor, who is also courting the 20-year-old actress.

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In a chat with members of the press, including (Philippine Entertainment Portal) yesterday, November 11, at the Raffles hotel in Makati, Sam admitted that he has not seen Jessy lately.

The actress has been taping for her soap, Maria Mercedes, and shooting the film Call Center Girl, which she topbills with comedienne Pokwang and actor Enchong Dee.

Sam said, “No, I’ve only seen her one time in the last month!

“Yeah, siyempre, she’s shooting a movie, and Maria Mercedes, so, yun nga... one month.

“Ako, I had a tour out of the country for two weeks. Siya, pumunta siya sa Korea.

“So, wala talagang time.”

Sam said that he tries as much as he can to keep in contact with Jessy via text messaging.

“I keep in contact, I try to message every day.

“Yun nga, mahirap talaga.

"Kasi yung schedule namin, mas lalo yung schedule niya ngayon, parang hindi siya natutulog ngayon.”


Having flowers delivered and like manner of courtship is not really the actor’s way of “being there.”

He said he would rather show up than vicariously be there through gifts.

“Yes, ako, mas gusto ko ako mismo yung pupunta, kung puwede.

“I mean, that’s obviously the only way, kahit sobrang busy siya. Para iparamdam,” he added.

Asked if Jessy’s busy schedule frustrates him, Sam replied: “No!

He added, "You know, I believe in destiny, and if we’re meant to be, then we’ll be together.

“If it’s not meant to be, then there’s a good reason.”

The actor says he accepts the fact that Jessy is making the most out of the opportunities that she is being given at the onset of her career.

“She has a lot of blessings right now, and she’s young!

"She’s turning twenty-one pa lang next month.

“She’s young, she has everything going for her.

"So, I don’t want to… ako, you know, I admire her, but I don’t want to be a distraction.”

Sam reiterated, “Yeah, I know ‘career first’ sa kanya ngayon.”

Nonetheless, he remains unfazed about being with Jessy: “But at the same time, kung puwede, e, di, go!”





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