K-POP NEWS. EXO members speak up about Kris’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment

Members of EXO—(L-R) Chanyeol, Suho, Sehun, and Tao—react to Kris’s lawsuit to nullify exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.

News about EXO’s Kris filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment asking for the nullification of his exclusive contract broke out earlier. It has also became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

And now, some of the members of EXO have shared their thoughts about the issue.

Read: K-POP NEWS. EXO’s Kris files lawsuit against SM Entertainment to nullify his exclusive contract

EXO’s leader Suho—born as Kim Joon Myun—has decided to speak up regarding Kris’s sudden decision to withdraw his exclusive contract from SM Entertainment and file a lawsuit against their management company.

South Korean news agency Osen was able to get Suho’s opinion about the current issue at the backstage of Mnet’s M! Countdown yesterday, May 15.

Suho said, as translated in English, “All the members have been discussing the issue and we don’t understand Kris’s actions at all.

“Everyone did not expect that and have mixed feelings about the situation.”


In addition, Suho deemed Kris’s actions as “irresponsible.”

The 22-year-old performer told Osen, as translated in English, “I think Kris’ actions are irresponsible which shows that he’s not thinking about EXO at all.

“The members and agency do not have any issues.”

He contuinued, “Kris, now, should apologize to the members, the company, and cancel his lawsuit.”

After the show, fans speculate that Suho made another comment in reference to Kris’s issue during his acceptance speech after winning top spot at the M! Countdown for "Overdose."

A part of his speech said, as translated in English, “Our motto is, ’We are one,’ and like the motto says, we’ll become an EXO that will think about the group and our fans instead of just ourselves.

“We’ll work hard. We are one. EXO, I love you."

Meanwhile, EXO’s Park Chanyeol and Oh Sehun also updated their Instagram accounts leaving their fans confused.


Sehun uploaded a photo of a question mark on his Instagram account a few hours after the news broke out.

Chanyeol also uploaded a photo of the group’s logo with the caption, as translated in English: “Rewarding the good and the punishment of evil.”

Huang Zi Tao, on the other hand, shared a lengthy message on his Instagram post.

The message reads, as translated in English by the blog site Koreaboo, “The road is long, you can go anywhere, no one can make the decision for anyone else.

“The truth is always hidden from the public.

“Perhaps the public would side with the minority, even if that’s not the truth.

"The truth is only known to those that actually experienced it - for example, the 11 members, our company SM, and the staff."

His message further said, “But the good and the bad have been switched on the outside.


“You all cannot know what it feels like to be betrayed, and then after betrayal everyone is siding with the betrayer.

“You all can have your own opinion and stance, but I just want to say, regarding the truth, we have a clear conscience.

“If someone wants to leave, we can’t block them, as they tried to escape here and have done so successfully.

“Kept it as a secret from us and the company, and ended up not coming back.”

The fans, however, does not believe that the EXO members would post the message themselves and suspect that someone else has posted them.

The fans also flooded the comments section of their Instagram account and asked them to return the phones to the owners.


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