Iñigo Pascual defends Daddy Piolo: "We snap at times, we’re not robots.”

Iñigo Pascual attended the opening of Sun Life Philippines’ year-long 120th anniversary celebration. The young actor and his dad Piolo (not in photo) are endorsers of the said insurance company.

“We’re not robots.”

This was Iñigo Pascual’s message to social media bashers. One in particular, called his dad, Piolo Pascual, “bakla” on Instagram last February 24.

The hunk actor-producer-singer hit back by posting a photo collage of his basher with this caption (published as is): “I hope your daughter (if she is) grows up to be a respectful person...”

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HOW IÑIGO TOOK IT. On February 27, at the thanksgiving event of Sun Life Philippines, which is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the chance to ask Iñigo about the issue.

The 17-year-old Kapamilya newbie said, "Yung nangyari ke papa, I've done that before…”

Justifying the actions of his dad, he added, “Parang yung ginawa ni Papa, it just proves na we're human, we have emotions.

“And we snap at times, we're not robots.

“When people say [bad things] to us, like normal people, we get hurt.

“And there's a tendency that we say something back to them. Because we're human, we're not robots and we can't just take it in all the time, you know.”

Piolo doesn’t normally confront his bashers, why now?

Iñigo explained, “He did that because I was tagged in the picture, and he wanted to protect me…”

But as much as possible, if it can be avoided, he just ignores online detractors, he added.

“What everyone tells me, my manager and anyone who wants to help... they say, 'Don't do anything to haters kasi once you give them your attention, they win.”

JULIA BARRETTO. From defending his dad, Iñigo shifted to defending his screen partner.

When asked to describe the daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla, he said, “Hindi siya maarteng tao!”

Iñigo has more adjectives for Julia who will be his partner in his second movie, Para sa Hopeless Romantic: "Sobrang simple, mabait, generous, at sobrang helpful."


He continued, “Una ko siyang makita, I didn't know how to act kasi I didn't know what to expect.

"But when you're working with her, ma-realize mo na sobrang simple siyang tao. Hindi siya maarte.

“Madalas siyang mag-English kasi that's how she was raised, that's how her parents ano, that's how her parents talk to her, how she grew up.

“We come from similar backgrounds, so whenever I have problems, I can turn to her and she can help me...”

Any chance he’d fall for her?

“I mean we can't answer that now, you know.

“Like I've mentioned before, love comes when it comes.

“Pero now, we're working, we're focusing on our vision, we're focusing on our career, and that's our priority so, I'd say, I dunno.”

But he’s not entirely discounting the fact that “it might happen, it might be.”

Julia is throwing a debut party in March.

The teen star said, “I'm gonna be dancing with her. I'm gonna be part of 18 roses. I'm gonna be performing.”

KATHNIEL. His most recent project is the movie, Crazy Beautiful You, starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. It opened in cinemas recently.

YES! magazine’s Jocelyn Valle remarked, “Buti na lang hindi ka bina-bash ng KathNiel fans…”

He replied, “Ah, nung una, natatakot ako. Sabi ko, baka yun, baka nga i-hate ako…”

But Iñigo made it clear in all his interviews and TV guestings: “I’m not trying to get in between them (Kathryn and Daniel).”

He added, “Peace tayo dahil supporter din ako ng KathNiel… it was just work, it was supposed to be a job.

“Pero I support KathNiel and I really admire their work ethic... their work together, and yun nga, idol ko si Daniel so I have no plans to ano, get in between them.”


How was it working with them?

“Super fun. I enjoyed the whole experience.

“I'm very thankful that I was chosen to be a part of the movie and the whole experience was just incredible, I mean it's a dream to work with KathNiel, the biggest loveteam in this generation, so I'm really thankful that I was able to work with them.”





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