Ruffa Gutierrez reveals recent spat with mom Annabelle Rama over her BF Jourdan Mouyal

Ruffa Gutierrez on reconciling with mom Annabelle Rama: "Actually, when I saw nga the parents of Marjorie [Barretto] dun sa debut ni Julia, na-touch ako. Sabi ko, ’Wow, bati bati na sila!’ Batiin ko na nga mommy ko, my god, sila nga bati bati na," says Ruffa in an interview at Cosmo Skin’s 9th anniversary celebration at MOA Arena, Friday night, March 13.

Ruffa Gutierrez revealed that she had another spat with mom Annabelle Rama because of her French-Israeli boyfriend Jourdan Mouyal.

Apparently, Annabelle got furious when she learned that Ruffa agreed to do a magazine cover shoot with Jordan without informing her feisty mom.

“Nakakaloka! Si Mommy, hindi niya alam yun.

“Kaya two weeks and a half na kaming hindi nag-uusap ni Mommy.

“Nagbati lang kami sa debut ni Julia Barretto kasi wala kaming choice, magkatabi kami, e,” Ruffa related in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other reporters at the Cosmo Skin’s 9th year anniversary held at SM MOA Atrium, Friday, March 13.

It’s no secret in showbiz circles that Annabelle does not approve of Jordan, whom she once referred to as “P.G.” and believe would do no good to her daughter.

As such, Ruffa decided to push through with the cover shoot without her mom’s knowledge.

“Hindi talaga ako nagpaalam kay Mommy!

“’Mom, sorry ha?’ Pero alam kong hindi siya papayag.

“Bilang manager, alam kong nagalit siya.

"Hindi niya talaga alam. Nalaman na lang niya na sa news na," said Ruffa.

The incident caused tension between Ruffa and Annabelle who were not on speaking terms until the night they bumped into each other at Julia Barretto’s 18th birthday celebration at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel last March 10.

“Three weeks na talagang dinededma niya ako!

“At saka sa lahat talaga, sinasabi niya hindi kami bati.

“Sabi ko, ‘Ma, kailangan talaga ipagkalat mo na hindi tayo nag-uusap?’”

But despite their personal differences, Ruffa decided to make the first move in reconciling with her mom.

The 40-year-old actress further shared that she was inspired by the reconciliation between the Barrettos that night at the party.

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“Actually, when I saw nga the parents of Marjorie dun sa debut ni Julia, na-touch ako.


“Sabi ko, ‘Wow, bati-bati na sila!’

"Batiin ko na nga mommy ko, my god, sila nga bati-bati na!” Ruffa reasoned.

The actress-TV host acknowledges the fact she and her mom will always have a “love-hate relationship” and that the latter will always meddle with her lovelife.

But at the end of the day, she knows the value of family ties and her duty as a daughter to pay due respect towards her mom.

“Ganyan naman kami ni Mommy, parang walang nangyari.

“So, tumabi lang ako sa kanya, tsika-tsika na kami, nagtsismisan na kami tungkol sa mga flowers na ang ganda [at] kung sino man ang nandun.

“Parang walang nangyari.

"So ngayon, friends na ulit kami.

“Nagtatawagan na ulit kami five times a day,” she beamed.





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