Denisse Oca defends mom Melissa Mendez in offloading incident: “This all rooted from something so harmless. I mean, clouds, for crying out loud!”

Sa pamamagitan ng Instagram, ipinagtanggol ni Denisse Oca ang inang si Melissa Mendez kaugnay ng sapilitang pagpapababa sa aktres sa eroplano. Binatikos din niya ang mga nakaaway ng ina na si Andrew Wolff at ang kaibigan nito.

Sa pamamagitan ng kanyang Instagram account ay ipinagtanggol ni Denisse Oca ang kanyang ina na si Melissa Mendez kaugnay kaugnay ng plane incident na kinasangkutan nito.

Ngayong Biyernes ng umaga, March 20, sapilitang pinababa si Melissa mula sa eroplano ng Cebu Pacific matapos nitong manakit ng kapwa pasahero at dalawa umanong flight attendants.

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Sa eksklusibong panayam ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) kay Melissa, inamin nitong nagkaroon nga siya ng engkuwentro sa isang kapwa-pasahero at nasampal niya ito ng isang beses.

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Kasama ng nasabing pasahero ang kaibigan nitong athlete, male pageant titlist, at aktor na si Andrew Wolff, na nag-post pa sa Instagram ng videos ng insidente sa loob ng eroplano.

DENISSE DEFENDS MOM. Ilang oras pagkatapos pumutok sa Internet ang insidente ay nag-post si Denisse ng kanyang mensahe sa Instagram.

Bagamat hindi artista, pamilyar ang marami kay Denisse dahil sa pagkakaugnay niya noon sa male celebrities na sina Phil Younghusband at Fabio Ide.

May anak si Dennise kay Fabio.

“It's so sad to know that some people really have no respect for women and elderly,” bungad ni Denisse sa kanyang Instagram post ngayong hapon.

Ipinost din ni Denisse ang isang quote na patama sa nakaaway ng kanyang ina: “A real man knows how to respect a woman, because he knows the feeling if someone would disrespect his mother.”

Pagpapatuloy pa ng mensahe niya, “If it were your mother, how would you feel if someone disrespects them?

“Naturally I feel the need to defend my mother.”

Sinabi rin ni Denisse na hindi nakainom ng alak ang kanyang ina, salungat sa alegasyon ni Andrew na amoy-alak diumano ang aktres nang maganap ang insidente sa loob ng eroplano.


“First of all, she wasn't drunk, she hasn't had a sip of alcohol in years.

“Secondly, how hard is it to give up a reserved seat?

“Are all men like this nowadays and can't give up his seat to an older woman in exchange for hers (which is mind you, just right behind his seat)?"

Binanggit din ni Denisse na masyadong mababaw ang pinagmulan ng kanilang away—dahil lamang sa ulap.

Nakiusap kasi si Melissa sa nakaengkuwentrong pasahero kung maaari muna siyang maupo sa puwesto nito upang makakuha ng pictures ng ulap.

Sabi ni Denisse sa kanyang post: “I get that he paid for that 'reserved seating,' my mom merely wanted to sit next to her friend and take a nice picture of the clouds upon take off."

Ang tinutukoy marahil ni Denisse na "friend" ng kanyang ina ay ang singer na si Malu Barry, na kasama nito sa biyahe papunta sanang Lanao del Sur.

"This all rooted from something so harmless, (I mean, clouds for crying out loud!) and yet it had spun out of control because some guy won't give up his seat.

“Let's please take into consideration how he said he'll throw his bag at my mom's face if she didn't leave his seat.

"'Hahampasin ko bag ko sa mukha mo pag di ka umalis diyan' were his words.

"Would a real man ever say that? That led me to ask my mom, 'Is he gay?'

"I'm not saying he is, I just merely asked.

"So really can you blame my mom for 'punching' him? I don't, I think he deserved it. :)"

MESSAGE FOR ANDREW. Nagbigay rin ng mensahe si Denisse kay Andrew dahil sa pagkuha nito ng videos ni Melissa habang nangyayari ang gulo sa loob ng eroplano.

Sa panayam ng PEP kay Melissa, sinabi nitong si Andrew ay kaibigan ng kanyang kapatid na lalaki at ni Denisse mismo.


“As for Andrew, what's the point of posting something like that other than giving people something to talk about?

“What good do you get from embarrassing my mother? I mean -- WHY??

“Don't you have a mom, a wife, a daughter?

“Let's hope they don't suffer the same social shaming you've put my mom through.

“You must know what you did was wrong if you blocked me from your page before I could even see the post but you did it anyway.

"Goes to show what kind of man you are, which is not much, really."

“PEOPLE ARE MEAN.” Nagbigay rin ng mensahe si Denisse sa mga taong binabatikos ang kanyang ina sa nangyari.

“As for everyone else, you people don't even know what really happened and neither do I because I wasn't there...

"And yet you are so quick to judge and laugh and act like you are better than us!

"I guess asking people for a little respect is too much to ask nowadays. People are mean, that's a fact I have to live with.

“And no she isn't facing prison time nor is she paying a fine with Cebu Pac, but the person she got into a fight with is someone influential and her work gig was canceled.

"Power tripping at its finest."





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