It's Showtime host Coleen Garcia on Joey de Leon’s tweets about copying: “Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.”

Coleen Garcia says she would rather look at the positive side of the noontime-show competition as it motivates both networks to keep working harder.

Last September 15, veteran comedian-TV host Joey de Leon dropped cryptic posts on his Twitter account about “copying.”

Joey is one of the veteran hosts of the 36-year-old daily noontime show Eat Bulaga, which is being aired on GMA Network.

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Despite having no clear indication that Joey's tweets were referring to It’s Showtime, fans of Eat Bulaga! did not hide their dismay over the attempts of the Kapamilya show to have their own version of Yaya Dub (a.k.a Maine Mendoza), through the introduction of Pastillas Girl (a.k.a Angelica Jane Yap).

Coleen Garcia has been missing the action in It’s Showtime for a while, but she was able to watch Angelica say her emotional piece about her bashers during their September 17 airing.

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In a thanksgiving press conference for her hit movie Ex With Benefits later that day, Coleen talked to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about the people’s reaction towards Pastillas Girl and the current competition between It's Showtime and Eat Bulaga.

The actress-TV host said, “One thing that I actually pick up on is that I’m happy that there are two noontime shows that are doing their very best to make people happy,

“Because, at the end of the day, it’s really about the audience. It’s really about the fans.

Eat Bulaga! talaga has a following. It has a fan base and I have to give it to them.

“They’re a really good show.

"They wouldn’t be here up to this day, for how many years already, if they weren’t a good show.

“The good thing about all of this is we’re two different shows and we’re trying very, very hard to make our fans happy.”


Coleen admits that she has not yet read the tweets of Joey de Leon, but she doesn’t want to assume that those tweets were referring to It's Showtime.

“I don't want to go ahead and jump to conclusions... because, I mean, here in showbiz, there has been many misunderstandings also.”

But if the tweets have been posted with the intent to cry foul against It’s Showtime, Coleen says she will respect Joey’s opinion on the matter.

“That’s his opinion and everybody’s entitled to their own.”





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