MTRCB imposes “self-regulation” on It’s Showtime over Pastillas Girl issue

Sa tatlong pahinang resolusyon na inilabas ng Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) tungkol sa kinalabasan ng pulong nila kasama ang pamunuan ng It’s Showtime, tanging ‘self-regulation’ ang naging desisyong ng ahensiya sa noontime show ng ABS-CBN. Ito ay kaugnay ng reklamo ng Gabriela sa tila "pambubugaw" ng show kay Pastillas Girl sa segment na “Nasaan Ka, Mr. Pastillas?”

Inilabas na ng Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) ang resulta ng ginawa nilang pagpupulong kasama ang pamunuan ng ABS-CBN noontime show na It’s Showtime noong Martes, October 13.

Ito ay kaugnay sa reklamo ng Gabriela sa diumano’y tila pambubugaw kay Pastillas Girl a.k.a. Angelica Jane Yap sa segment ng show na “Nasaan Ka, Mr. Pastillas?”

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Nauna na rito ay sinabi ni Bobby Andrews, MTRCB board member at chairman ng Gender and Development Committee (GAD), na naging maayos ang kanilang pulong.

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SELF-REGULATION. Sa tatlong pahinang resolusyon na pirmado ni MTRCB Chairman Eugenio ‘Toto’ Villareal, na may petsang October 13, sinabi ng pamunuan ng ahensiya na dapat ay magkaroon ng 'self-regulation' ang It's Showtime para sa kanilang segment upang hindi lalabas na nalabag ang karapatan ni Pastillas Girl bilang babae.

Sinabi rin sa resolusyon na dapat ay laging naipapaalam kay Angelica ang mangyayari sa bawat episode bago ito sumalang sa live broadcast.

Binigyang-diin din ng MTRCB na dapat ay angkop ang magiging pananamit nito alinsunod na rin sa “PG” or “Parental Guidance” rating ng show.

THE FULL RESOLUTION. Narito ang bahagi ng sulat ni MTRCB Chairman Villareal na naka-address kina Reily Santiago (business unit head), Fulgencio Follero Jr. (producer), at Atty. Monalisa Manalo (legal counsel/gender focal person) ng It's Showtime:

“Further to the Memorandum of Understanding dated 28 March 2012 by and between our Agency and various television networks and entities, including ABS-CBN Corporation, we confirm the Gender and Development (GAD) conference the special Sub-Committee of our GAD Committee conducted with representatives of your program It's Showtime...

“At the beginning of the conference, we reiterated that gender-sensitivity, and particularly respect for women (in turn, anchored on the dignity of the human person) is a State policy as well as a commitment of the Philippines under international law.


“This is plain in the Magna Carta of Women (R.A. 9710) and in the ratification by the Philippines in 1981 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). R.A. 9710, Section 16, particularly prohibits the discriminatory and or derogatory portrayal of women in media and fiIm.

“In this connection, the MTRCB and other relevant government agencies make up the country's Gender Equality Committee (GEC). The GEC, formed under Section 19, Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Magna Carta of Women, is specifically tasked to promote gender mainstreaming as a framework and ensure the implementation of gender equality guidelines.

“During the main part of the GAD conference, and after your being apprised of the concerns raised in regard to the segment Pastillas Girl, we acknowledge the following resolutions on your part:

  • the program shall ensure the protection of Ms. Angelica Yap's (the real name of the so-called Pastillas Girl) dignity as a young woman by introducing scenes depicting her empowerment as a person while she faces various challenges in her young life (in this v/ay, the impression, for instance, that her "only reason forliving is to have a boyfriend" can be negated); and
  • the program shall continue to brief Ms. Yap before any episode considering that she is arguably now a "public figure" and thus may be perceived as a "model" by young women; this will ensure words and actions appropriate to the "PG" rating of the program.

“Our Special Sub-Committee also acknowledged your manifestation that you have actually provided Ms. Yap a life coach so that she may be guided as to how to mold her character positively and enable her to plan her life with care and informed choices, to the end that she will hopefully be able to avoid the earlier pitfalls she experienced. It may be good to bring this out in the program upon prior consultation with Ms. Yap and her family.

“On another matter, we took the opportunity to discuss with you certain concerns that have been expressed by some televiewers over the manner of dressing and/or movement of certain participants in your program that may be deemed as "inappropriate" for television. We welcome the information you gave us that it is your rule to:

  • subject any manner of dressing to a three-tiered process of review—under which any attire or costume is first screened by a segment producer, which determination is subsequently reviewed by a wardrobe executive, and then finally decided upon by an administrative associate producer; and
  • require prior rehearsal by any performer for review and approval by program executives, to the end that the number does not violate any norm of gender-sensitivity or other rule.

“Consistent with the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 1986, we strongly enjoin you to adhere to, and if need be supplement the above measures of self-regulation.

“Also, we cannot help but stress the need for constant and unwavering vigilance in regard to the depiction and portrayal of women in your program. You will necessarily have to sharpen the saw, so to speak, in regard to both gender-sensitive orientation as well as action.


“Thank you for your cooperation at today's conference.”





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