PEP EXCLUSIVE. Jay Altarejos says issue with indie actress "resolved amicably"

When asked to respond to the complaint of Dalin Sarmiento about workplace violence, director Jay Altarejos said, "Ayoko rin naman na sumasagot kahit na may sarili akong version ng totoo at tama."

"I support human rights," says Jay Altarejos.

The director has been accused of harming indie actress Dalin Sarmiento when they worked together for a movie about a battered woman.

In her Facebook account, Dalin posted that she was thinking about filing a criminal case against Direk Jay "for verbally abusing me, hitting me, slapping me, and punching my stomach on the set."

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) yesterday, January 21, Direk Jay pointed out, "Mula pa noon, I've been fighting for LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] rights.

"Bakit ko pipigilan ang taong may cause [na magreklamo] to whatever channel?

"As you can see, I'm here talking to you and finishing the project."

When asked to give his version of the events, Direk Jay declined to do so and explained, "Ayoko rin naman na sumasagot kahit na may sarili akong version ng totoo at tama.

"I don't really engage in these..."

As for the accusations of Dalin against him, he answered, "I think that issue has been resolved already because I'm talking to you now and I have a film.

"Ako naman lagi, pag ganyan, alam niyo naman ako, I don't usually talk about it because I believe that time will determine and judge you.

"At some point, if there's really something, something will come out of it.

"Now I'm here. It could be resolved amicably," he stated.  

Did he talk personally to Dalin?

"No, some channels talked," he revealed.

"Some channels have been in communication to resolve it amicably and it has been resolved."

Was a case ever filed against him?

"Sana kung meron, narinig niyo na.

"Sa akin kasi, if you really feel aggrieved, go to court. I believe in the process.

"My films speak for themselves."

Direk Jay is known for his film Kasal, which was chosen as Best Picture in the 2014 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival Directors Showcase category.

His 2014 movie Unfriend was screened in the Panorama section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

Direk Jay also told that he made it a point to reach out to Dalin regarding the incident.

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