Paul Soriano on being a dad: "I was ready then and I am ready now."

Direk Paul Soriano says he has been ready to be a dad even before he got married to Toni Gonzaga. However, the director-film producer, evades questions about reports that his wife is pregnant. He said that they will talk about it at the right time.

“She’s great, she’s good,” Direk Paul Soriano said about his wife, Toni Gonzaga, who continues to keep a busy work schedule.

“She’s still doing her regular thing, she’s still grinding it out there.

“Actually, my problem with Toni is slowing her down,” he admitted.

Case in point, Toni is out on Tuesdays for the taping of her weekly sitcom Home Sweetie Home, in which she and John Lloyd Cruz play a happy couple in a quirky family.

Paul joked, “Pag Tuesdays, I share her with John Lloyd kasi sweet-sweetie niya ‘yan, e.”

“Tuesdays, sabi ko kay John Lloyd, ‘Ikaw na bahala.’”

Apart from the sitcom, Toni is also co-hosting ASAP every Sunday. She is also busy promoting her latest album.

Does Paul remind his wife to slow down?

“No naman. I let it come from her, I don’t want to be the guy to tell her what to do.

“But she knows her priorities now are at home, her priorities now are with me.

“She also chooses her time wisely because she wants to make sure that that time at home, me, family, is not forgotten.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press spoke with Paul, Wednesday, March 16, at the pocket press conference of the film Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis, an eight-hour period period film, starring John Lloyd Cruz and Piolo Pascual.

Paul is the producer of the film, which won the Silver Bear award for its director Lav Diaz at the recent Berlin Film Festival.

TWINS, PREFERABLY. Sensing what was coming, Paul volunteered, “I know what you guys are leading to, but this is not the right time.”

While he is excited about the thought of becoming a father, Paul reminded that this was not the proper forum to talk about it.


He simply said, “With life, you just have to listen to God and sometimes they’re just not in your control.

“But like I said, I know what’s on your mind, and just like in anything, when we told you about our engagement and our marriage, there’s a right place and time for it.

“I wanna respect that also, there are just some things we need to discuss and talk about.”

When asked if he is ready to become a dad, Paul replied, “I was prepared even before when we got married.

“I was ready then and I’m ready now, whenever God wills it, I will embrace it.

“Like I said, I thrive in uncertainty.

“Sometimes that’s what I like to do, the things that I have not done before.”

Paul also confirmed that given a choice, he would want to have twins.

“Every time I see twins, curious ako.

“When we hang out with Aga [Muhlach] at Charlene, may twins sila, cute!

“You can dress them alike.

“Whatever God gives, at the end of the day we’ll be happy.

“It’s a blessing so we’ll be happy with it,” he said.

RISKY. Meanwhile, Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis will open in selected cinemas on March 26.

Paul said that he is extremely happy that he took the risk to produce a film like this.

“A risk that I took two years ago is being rewarded.”

Last February, the film was awarded the Silver Bear Alex Bauer Preis Award at the 66t Berlin Film Festival.

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Paul also mentioned that he took a lot of risks producing the film.

“There are a lot of risks financially, and I give up my life to do stuff like this.


“People question sometimes, ‘You’re crazy.’

“But the more I wanna do these things and when your heart and gut tell you to do something, you follow it.

“But to get the people to appreciate it, to get a Silver Bear in Berlin, kind of validate those feelings.

“And I continue to follow my instinct and to follow my heart and it led me to great places.”





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