Lea Salonga grateful to supporters of her post about theater decorum

Malaki ang pasasalamat ng Pinay Broadway star na si Lea Salonga sa mga taong nakaintindi sa kanyang post tungkol sa tamang decorum kapag nanonood ng isang theater play o musical. Sabi ni Lea, "Theater is very important to me and to many of my best friends. It is our church, our sanctuary."

Nagpasalamat si Lea Salonga sa mga taong naintindihan siya sa kanyang Twitter post tungkol sa theater decorum.

Ito ay matapos may nakapagsabi sa Pinay Brodaway star na may mga tao raw na nanood ng Manila run ng Les Miserables na dighay nang dighay, laging gumagamit ng telepono, at may mga sumsabay pa sa pagkanta sa cast members.

Tampok sa sikat na musical ang kababayan nating si Rachelle Ann Go.

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“OUR CHURCH, OUR SANCTUARY.” Nitong Huwebes, April 14, isang mahabang post sa Facebook ang ibinahagi ni Lea sa kanyang followers.

Dito ay pinasalamatan niya ang mga ito sa pag-sang ayon sa kanya tungkol sa tamang etiquette kapag nanonood ng isang theater play of musical.

Sabi ni Lea, “For all the support re: my recent posts about theater etiquette, thank you very much.

“Theater is very important to me and to many of my best friends. It is our church, our sanctuary.

“At times in my life it has served as catharsis, emotional release in times of personal crisis, as well as the place where I feel the most joy and satisfaction.

“To hear about friends' theater experiences as being less than satisfactory due to their seat mates' less than ideal behavior saddens, frustrates and angers me.

“There seems to be a culture of entitlement where a so-called theatergoer feels that, along with their ticket, they also bought the privilege to disrespect their neighbors in the audience, as well as the actors on stage.


“They bury their faces in their digital devices, sing along loudly (mouthing the words is just fine, go right ahead...

“I've found it helpful watching an audience member mouthing 'On My Own', provide loud commentary which might be a spoiler to someone who hasn't seen the show before, or give general disrespect (from the stage I've seen a couple making out in the front row of Les Miz on Broadway... it would've been cheaper to get a hotel room).”

CODE OF CONDUCT. Dagdag pa ng The Voice of the Philippines coach, kapag may mga pagtitipon katulad ng isang palabas sa teatro, dapat daw may mga kaakibat itong katanggap-tanggap na pag-uugali.

“Wherever an audience is gathered, there is a corresponding (and I'd like to think common sensical) code of conduct to make watching a play, musical, concert a wonderful experience for everybody.

“In that theater, for a few hours, everyone's mind, heart and soul are linked in this experience of watching a story unfold, songs performed, emotions shared.

“There truly is nothing like it, whether you're sitting in the dark or standing on stage.

“The next time you're at the theater and your seat mate is on his/her phone while the show is going on, singing a little too loudly, or talking too loud, very nicely tap them and ask them to stop, or let an usher know what's going on.

“Theater is supposed to be fun and entertaining! Perhaps that's why they call it a 'play.'”





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