Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte on Forever Summer tragedy: "The law enforcement has failed."

Rodrigo Duterte blames law enforcement in Forever Summer tragedy: "Nasaan ang NBI, anti-drug nila or whatever that agency is called? Saan yung police? Saan ang PDEA? Bakit ganoon, ang daming namatay? Lima, tapos pinagpapasahan ang droga. I do not think it would be beyond the mere observation of intelligence."

“The law enforcement has failed.”

This is what presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte thinks about the tragedy that happened at the Forever Summer concert held last Saturday, May 21, in Pasay City.

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In a press conference held earlier today, May 26, in Davao City, Duterte stated that “failure of intelligence” led to the tragic death of five attendees.

He said, “I am talking now as a mayor.

“Outside Davao City, I'm just a civilian, so I am addressing myself to the police and the law enforcement as a mayor and as a citizen of this republic.

“Karaming tao diyan, PDEA then the police community. Sali-sali na sila diyan.

“There is the national team and there is the local of Pasay.

“How come nakalusot yung mga bagay na 'yan? It's the failure of intelligence.”

Duterte continued, “Nasaan ang NBI, anti-drug nila or whatever that agency is called?

“Saan yung police? Saan ang PDEA? Bakit ganoon, ang daming namatay?

“Lima, tapos pinagpapasahan ang droga.

“I do not think it would be beyond the mere observation of intelligence.

“If they are there and mixed with the crowd, and did they work, 'yan ang problema diyan.

“The law enforcement has failed.”

AUTHORITIES ARE NOT OFF THE HOOK. Duterte said that once he assumes office as president, he will not let authorities off the hook for allowing this kind of tragedy to happen.

“I am not really the person who should be talking like this.


“But maybe kayong lahat... Inshallah, God willing, kung aabot ako ng June 30th, noon time, siguro kapag gabi niyan, mag-usap tayong lahat...

“Nasaan ang pera ng tao sa Intelligence and operation? At yung nagtatrabaho, you are paid to prevent what happened.

“I am at lost kung bakit ganun karami [namatay].

“It was reported that there was one corner where drugs were distributed, apparently sold, and it escaped the attention of the law enforcement.

“It is unacceptable.

“Kasi, alam naman ninyo na we can't prevent people from crowding into an assembly for whatever purpose.

“Itong mga entertainment, malapit talaga ang mga droga diyan.

“Any grade one intelligence will tell you, that's the market of drugs.”

HIGHLY UNUSUAL CASE. Meanwhile, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said the drugs ingested by two of the five victims caused “severe form of heart attack.”

Talking to Inquirer, medico legal officer Wilfredo Tierra described their finding in the autopsy of two of the victims: Bianca Fontejon, 18 and Lance Garcia, 36.

Whatever they took, he said, “was potent enough to damage all of their internal organs which carried signs of ruptured tissues or blood vessels.”

Tierra also noted, “There was bleeding in the internal organs which is highly unusual in cases like these.

“Almost all internal organs were involved—the brain, the lungs, the liver, the intestines, the spleen and the kidneys.”

He also stressed that it was his first time to see a severe effect of a heart attack.

“Both looked as if they had been grilled as these were a mixture of brown, red and black in color.”


Tierra also clarified his earlier statement, where he said that Fontejon and Garcia died of heart attack.

He said that their deaths were unusual because all internal organs failed.

“We will take this as a whole. Heart attack was not the only cause of death. If what was taken was ingested, the whole body system was affected.”

Tierra further described that a “normal heart attack” would only change heart's color from pink to brown, not black like victims'.

Tierra said the NBI’s forensic division is still finalizing the report on the results of the toxicology and dangerous drugs tests.





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