Sunshine Cruz reveals negative reactions about chance encounter between Cesar and their daughters

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During an advance birthday celebration, Sunshine Cruz and daughters Angelina, Samantha, and Francesca saw their estranged father Cesar Montano at a nearby restaurant.

On July 11, Sunshine Cruz and daughters Angelina, Samantha, and Francesca had a chance encounter with their father Cesar Montano at Resort World Manila.

Both Sunshine and Cesar posted about the encounter, but Sunshine opted to delete her Facebook post afterwards.

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At the FHM's 100 Sexiest Women Victory Party held Tuesday, July 26, at the Valkyrie in Bonifacio High Street, the press asked the Dolce Amore actress if the chance encounter paved way for a better relationship between her and Cesar as she had hoped.

But Sunshine chose to stay away from the topic.

“Let’s not talk about it,” she said.

Apparently, Sunshine's sentiments about her daughters' unexpected reunion with their father were met with negative comments.

“After what happened kasi, medyo nag-wild sa Facebook yung relatives, e.

“They weren’t happy with what happened, unfortunately, so the kids got hurt.

“Ako, ang alam ko, it was a good thing. What I did was good.

“Kaya lang, ang daming nag-react sa side niya [Cesar].

“They reacted negatively, so it’s better not to talk about it. ”

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Regardless of the reactions, Sunshine remains optimistic for the sake of her daughters.

“At least I tried, at least my kids tried.

“Sabi nga namin, we thought it was God’s move.

“But I think siguro kailangan pa ng right time. Eventually. Sana.

“Kung kaya na nilang manahimik at hindi mag-react na hindi maganda towards me and my kids and my ex, then maybe mag-work out yung better relationship. ”

ON ANNULMENT. Sunshine had also been praying for the annulment of her marriage to be granted soon.

This was one of the wishes she had for 2016, but it seemed there had no progress.

She remarked, “Ongoing ang annulment. I’m hoping for the best.

“Sabi ko nga, bago ako mag-forty sana ma-grant na, because I believe I deserve that...


“I deserve that.”

Is she dating anyone?

Sunshine said, “Unfortunately, no.

“But meron mga before nakilala ako, pero walang spark.

“Kapag walang spark, sa edad ba naman natin, patatagalin pa natin?

“So, huwag na lang.”





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