Jim Paredes apologizes to Iwi Laurel and daughter Nicole; denies politicizing musician's death

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Jim Paredes (in photo, with wife Lydia): "I hope people on both sides of the political fence step back, look at everything with sobriety, and allow you and your family to have your grieving moment quietly and peacefully."

Pormal nang humingi na ng paumanhin si Jim Paredes dahil sa maling impormasyong kumalat sa social media kaugnay ng pagkamatay ng musikerong si Noli Asensio.

Ito ay matapos isapubliko ni Cynthia Patag, sa pamamagitan ng Facebook, ang private message sa kanya ng misis ni Jim na si Lydia Paredes na diumano'y biktima ng 'war on drugs' ni Duterte si Noli.

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Si Noli ay asawa ng dating singer na si Iwi Laurel, na anak naman ng yumaong vice president na si Doy Laurel at kapatid ng singer-actor na si Cocoy Laurel.

Sa pamamagitan ng kanyang Facebook post ngayong araw, October 17, ay ipinaabot ni Jim ang kanyang paumanhin kay Iwi at sa anak nitong si Nicole Laurel Asensio.

Dito ay nilinaw ni Jim na wala silang intensiyon ng kanyang misis na si Lydia Paredes na gamitin ang pagkamatay ng mister ni Iwi sa pulitika.

Si Jim ay kilalang tagasuporta ng administrasyon ni dating Pangulong Noynoy Aquino at hayagan ding bumabatikos sa pamahalaan ngayon ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte.

Narito ang kabuuang Facebook post ni Jim Paredes:

“NOTE: My wife and I had sent our apologies privately to Nicole. I am reiterating it publicly and humbly.

“Dear Nicole Asensio and Iwi Laurel,

“I am writing to once again send my prayers and regrets for the way news of your dad had gone inadvertently wrong.

“My wife sent the message she received from Ana Segovia PRIVATELY to me and some friends. She in turn sent that message to a few people who she thought knew the Asensio brothers, since she also knew them during her high school days. Barkada of Lisa and Carina and Bob (her cousins), who were classmates. She got that message from a viber group and wanted it confirmed.


“After you expressed your concern to me via PM about Cynthia Patag posting message publicly, I immediately called her and asked how it is that the message became public. Cynthia told me she thought it was sent to her because the sender wanted it public. Bottom line was, it was not meant to be public or even editorialized with a title ‘HE WAS NOT POOR,” I immediately asked her to take it out.

“A few points

  1. My wife and I had NO INTENTION whatsoever of politicizing your dad’s death. The message from Ana Segovia who claimed to be your relative clearly said your dad was a victim of Duterte’s war on drugs. It was ALREADY political when we received it. If we wanted to politicize it, we would have posted it publicly ourselves. It never even appeared on my wife's timeline.
  2. I contacted you out of pure concern and sympathy as a friend, colleague
  3. We are continuing prayers for your dad and the people he loved and cared for.

“Nicole, I wrote you PMd you on FB and sent a message on instagram and texted when I heard about the news. I was shocked. I may have known your father and played with him. During a taping in a TV show on cable, the guitarist introduced himself to me as the son of Fides. He may have been Noli. I can’t remember now. He played back up for my solo guesting. He was a nice guy who played well.

“I hope this clears the air. These are the facts. I hope people on both sides of the political fence step back, look at everything with sobriety, and allow you and your family to have your grieving moment quietly and peacefully.”

Wala pang post si Cynthia tungkol dito.





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