Fashion designer refutes Imelda Schweighart's claim about Miss Earth gown fiasco

IMAGE Imelda Schweigart Facebook / Katherine Espin Instagram

Leo Almodal (not in photo) on the controversial gold gown in Miss Earth pageant: "Katherine [Espin, Miss Earth 2016, left] is unaware of the issue not until Imelda [Schweighart, Miss Philippines Earth, right] posted the videos of her vulgar demeanor and bitter statement in social media."

Idinaan sa Facebook post ng fashion designer na si Leo Almodal ang pagpapaliwanag tungkol sa gown na ginamit ng nanalong Miss Earth 2016 na si Katherine Espin ng Ecuador.

Nang hindi makapasok sa semifinals ang kandidata ng Pilipinas na si Imelda Schweighart, nag-post siya ng video kung saan suot niya ang gold gown na ginamit ni Miss Ecuador sa huling bahagi ng pageant.

“I have hundreds of people asking me what happened,” simula ni Leo sa kanyang Facebook post kahapon, October 31.

Patuloy niya, “I actually don't want to say a thing anymore but it has completely gone out of control and I have [to] tell everyone the truth.”

Ayon kay Leo, ang naturang gown ay una niyang napili para kay Imelda nang lumapit ang grupo nito sa kanya para gumawa ng gown para sa Miss Earth 2016 pageant.

Ngunit aniya “To set and clarify things, Imelda or anyone from her camp has not given or paid me a single peso for that gown.


“That yellow gown is technically my property and just letting her borrow it for Miss Earth pageant... if she makes it to the top 16.”

Hindi nga pinalad na makasama sa 16 semifinalists si Imelda at dito na nagdesisyon si Almodal na ipagamit ang gown kay Miss Ecuador.

Paglalahad niya, “As the owner, it will be under my discretion to whom it will be used.

“Since she [Imelda] did not make it to top 16, [and] not competing for the evening gown segment and unfortunately I didn't finish the gown of Ecuador on time... I am obliged because she already paid half of the amount as downpayment....

“My team made that decision to dress her [Miss Ecuador] up in that yellow gown.”

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“SHE WAS NOT ROBBED.” Kaugnay nito, nilinaw rin ni Almodal ang pahayag ni Imelda na hindi umano siya naasikaso.

Sabi ni Imelda sa isang panayam, “It wasn't explained to me at that time. I had nothing to wear.


“And then after that, I was still in the heat of the moment.

“Why did they do that to me? Di na nga nila ako inaasikaso.”

Ang sagot ni Almodal dito, “Before dressing up Katherine, I sent Imelda messages in Facebook to take down the photos and videos but she never listened...

“She posted it after she did not make it to Top 16.

“I actually begged her... she was not ripped or robbed.

“The gown was not taken away from her and she was asked nicely.”

Ang mga naturang video ay nabura na sa Facebook account ni Imelda sa oras na ito.

Dagdag paliwanag pa ni Almodal, “Contrary to her statement that she has nothing to wear is an absolute LIE!!!

“I provided her with a beautiful red gown but she smiled and refused to wear it, saying that it looks like Miss Belgium's gown and opted to borrow from Miss Guam instead.”


Sa huling bahagi ng kanyang Facebook post, sinabi ng fashion designer, “Katherine is unaware of the issue, not until Imelda posted the videos of her vulgar demeanor and bitter statement in social media...

“I wish this made things clear... Thank You...”





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